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2011-2012 Seminars in Ecology and Evolution

Seminars in Ecology and Evolution meet at 4:00 p.m. on Fridays, via Zoom. Meeting links are distributed by department email list; FSU members, subscribe at Bio-Everyone list management; non-FSU members, BioNotes. To request an individual link without subscribing to a mailing list, contact that talks host.

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  • January 13: Dr. Alexis Matamoro-Vidal, Department of Biological Science, FSU
    Structure, function, and evolution: insights from pollen and Drosophila wings.
    Host: To be announced

  • January 20: Dr. David L. G. Noakes, Oregon State University, Corvallis
    Born to be wild: biology, history and philosophy converge on Pacific salmon
    Host: Dr. Michael Ruse

  • January 27: Dr. Cameron K. Ghalambor, Colorado State University, Fort Collins
    What comparative experiments reveal about the nature of ecological and evolutionary trade-offs
    Host: Dr. Kimberly A. Hughes

  • February 3: Brian Spiesman, Department of Biological Science, FSU
    The effect of habitat fragmentation on plant-pollinator interaction networks
    Host: Dr. Brian D. Inouye

  • February 10: Anna Strimaitis, Department of Biological Science, FSU
    Filter feeding ecology of erect branching sponges on Caribbean coral reefs
    Host: Dr. Janie L. Wulff

  • February 17: Tania Kim, Department of Biological Science, FSU
    The spatial and temporal effects of insect herbivores on plant competition and coexistence
    Host: Dr. Nora Underwood

  • February 24: None scheduled

  • March 2: Brendan Biggs, Department of Biological Science, FSU
    Sponge-mediated coral reef restoration: efficiency, sustainability and relative performance
    Host: Dr. Janie L. Wulff

  • March 9: None scheduled

  • March 12 (3:30
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    Dr. Aaron M. Ellison, Harvard Forest, Petersham, Massachusetts
    The suffering embrace of landscape and the picturesque conditioning of ecology
    Host: Dr. Brian D. Inouye

  • March 16: Lisa Hollensead, Department of Biological Science, FSU
    Monitoring movement patterns of juvenile smalltooth sawfish (Pristis pectinata) using acoustic monitoring and tracking in a nursery habitat in southwest Florida
    Host: Dr. R. Dean Grubbs

  • March 23: Dr. David Houle, Department of Biological Science, FSU
    Approaching the evolution of novelty
    Host: To be announced

  • March 30:
    None scheduled.
    Host: To be announced

  • April 6: Aki Watanabe, Department of Biological Science, FSU
    The ontogeny of cranial morphology in extant crocodilians and its phylogenetic significance: a geometric morphometric approach
    Host: Dr. Gregory M. Erickson

  • April 13: Dr. Kelly R. Zamudio, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
    Field biology and conservation genetics: organisms, landscapes, and global change
    Host: Dr. Emily C. Lemmon

  • April 20: Dr. David Weisrock, University of Kentucky, Lexington
    Concordance analysis plays a role in studying the phylogeny of species and their genomes
    Host: Kenneth P. Wray

  • April 27: Nick Kortessis, Department of Biological Science, FSU
    How do consumer responses to resource density affect mechanisms of competitive coexistence?
    Host: Dr. Charlotte T. Lee

The on-line version of this page, which provides links to additional information about the speakers and their hosts, is at http://www.bio.fsu.edu/bionotes/eeseminar.php.