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Sheila Lutz earned the respect and admiration of her colleagues by completing her undergraduate degree while working full-time in a series of demanding positions on campus and maintaining an active family life. In order to honor her and the high value she placed on life-long learning, the Sheila B. Lutz Memorial Scholarship was established by the Department of Biological Science and funded by the contributions of her family, coworkers, and friends from the university community.

The Scholarship provides an award of up to $1,000 to an employee of Florida State University who wishes to continue his or her university education. The field of study need not be related to the employee's current position. The funds are to be used to defray expenses associated with study at Florida State (e.g., books, computer hardware and/or software, child care, transportation).


  • Two years of continuous, full-time employment at Florida State University in a USPS or A&P line.
  • Thirty semester hours of college/university credit with an overall GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • Acceptance into, or eligibility for acceptance into, a specific degree program.

Selection Criteria

  • Academic performance.
  • Educational plans.
  • Relevance of degree program to career goals.
  • Unmet financial need.
  • Letters of recommendation.

Application Materials

  • Completed application form (4 pages).
  • Transcripts of all postsecondary academic work.
  • Statement of educational plans and career goals.
  • Three letters of recommendation to be sent directly by the writers to the address listed below.
    1. Present supervisor.
    2. Faculty member or academic advisor in applicant's degree program who can address the applicant's eligibility for or acceptance into a specific degree program, academic capabilities, and probable progress toward the degree sought.
    3. Coworker, previous supervisor, or other individual who knows the applicant in a professional capacity.

Application materials are due in ELECTRONIC FORMAT by September 1st, via email, attached file, or Dropbox. Along with aplication materials, questions should also be directed to Jen at: jkennedy@bio.fsu.edu.

Click here to download the Application Form.