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Academic Tracks In The Biological Science Major

Although not required to do so by the department, biological science majors may choose to concentrate their biology elective hours in a particular sub-discipline of biology (i.e., "academic track"). Academic tracks are defined as groupings of departmental courses within a traditional or contemporary sub-discipline of biology that may be used to tailor the degree requirements to student interests. Currently, the Department of Biological Science offers seven academic tracks in the following sub-disciplines of biology:

Academic tracks are not majors; they are intended to serve only as guidance and recommendations for departmental courses offered within a sub-discipline of biology. Selecting an academic track does not prevent a biological science student from taking elective courses in another academic track. Because each track contains numerous courses, students should not expect to take all recommended courses for each academic track. Some courses from other departments may be suggested as good professional development (skills or content) choices for a particular academic track. Unless otherwise noted, courses outside of the Department of Biological Science do not count toward the biological science major. Biological science students may also choose not to select an academic track, in which case the 19 biology elective courses are selected from several sub-disciplines of biology.