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Department of Biological Science Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

The faculty, staff, and students of the Department of Biological Science are committed to making our department and discipline more inclusive. We share a collective responsibility towards each other's well-being, with an understanding that the relevance and ingenuity of biological science depends on greater inclusion of under-represented groups. For this reason, we are dedicated to preventing all forms of discrimination that unfairly disadvantage some, privilege others, and run counter to our values of equity and justice. We strive for a cohesive and collaborative culture focused on excellence in research, teaching, mentoring, and service. We are committed to valuing, celebrating and leveraging the differences and similarities within our community to create a fertile environment for problem-solving -- one that is both inventive and compassionate*.

*Language from the Department of Biological Science's Diversity Statement is adapted from FSU's Strategic Goal III.

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Feedback and Ideas

Please use this form to share your ideas and concerns about diversity, equity and inclusion within the Department of Biological Science. Feedback will be read by the department's Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee only. Comments can be anonymous, but please include your name if you are willing and able to work on any issues or ideas that you share.