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Molecular Cloning Facility

  • Mutagenesis: Introduction of point mutations, insertions (including epitope tags) or deletions in plasmids.
    Mutagenesis work order (for alterations up to 7 bases)
    Recombinant PCR work order (for alteration >7 bases)
  • Subcloning: DNA fragments will be subcloned into the vector of your choice and recombinant clones will be verified by restriction analysis.
  • Plasmid preps: Generally we provide 2 clones resulting from mutagenesis or subcloning procedures. Additional clones, or larger scale preps, are available upon request
  • Real time qPCR: An ABI 7500 Fast machine is available in the core facility. Genomic DNA, viral nucleic acids and mRNA can be quantitated against an endogenous control (e.g., GAPDH) or standard curve
  • Reverse transcription: RNA will be converted to cDNA with reverse transcriptase
  • Construction of libraries:
    • Genomic DNA Library: Purified genomic DNA of high molecular weight should be supplied by the investigator. The library will be constructed in a lambda or cosmid vector of your choice.
    • cDNA Library: Purified total RNA should be provided by the investigator in sufficient quantity. We will isolate the mRNA and construct the cDNA library in lambda vector of your choice and amplify the library.
  • Other services: If there are things you would like to try, or would like us to try, feel free to come by to discuss!

Enzymes, Reagents, and Molecular Products:
  • Competent E. coli for transformation:
    • DH5alpha, XL1-Blue, and BL21(DE3) are available at all times. Other strains can be requested, in batches of ~10 ml.
    • Image We operate an Invitrogen (Gibco/BRL) Supply Center that is stocked with enzymes, reagents, and other molecular products. If it isn't in stock, we can order it.
    • Image Frequently used Qiagen kits (miniprep, PCR cleanup, gel extraction) are available in stock for purchase or can be ordered.

DNA Sequencing
DNA Sequencing
DNA Sequencing
DNA Sequencing