FSU - Biological Science

Department of Biological Science

at Florida State University

Molecular Cloning Facility


TOPO Blunt cloning $53*
TOPO TA cloning $48*
Subcloning $42*
PCR $6
Point mutagenesis $36
Additional DNA purifications, minipreps, transformations $3
DNA maxiprep $25

*includes fragment purification, ligation, transformation, 2 minipreps and diagnostic digest

Real-time PCR

Half plate (up to 48 rx) $73
Full plate (up to 96 rx) $120
cDNA synthesis $11
RNA cleanup (DNAse) $6

Illumina Library Quantification

KAPA full plate $164
KAPA half plate $95

Molecular Weight Markers

MCFI ("pGem") or MCFII $12.50/ tube (12.5 ug)

Competent E. coli for transformation

XL1Blue, DH5alpha , BL21 $1.50/tube (100ul/tube)
Large scale and/or other strains $150./100 tubes