FSU Biology - Installing Genious v9 (old version)

Department of Biological Science

at Florida State University

How to install Geneious v9 (old version)

Note: This is an old version of Geneious. Biology has a license for the latest version of Geneious (Geneious Prime) available here

To install Geneious v9 (old version):

  • Choose the installer appropriate for your operating system from the list below.
  • Download and run the installer. Choose an appropriate location to install the software on your local machine and press Next through the installer. For most computers, the program's installation defaults will be sufficient.
  • Once installed, launch the software. It will create a window called "Enter your License Details". Choose the second option: "Use floating license server". In the Server field, enter "licenseserver1.bio.fsu.edu", in the Port field, enter "27001" if it is not already present. Press OK.
  • After a moment, you should see a window saying "Obtained license from FLEXnet server". Press OK.
  • Enjoy using Geneious v9!

NOTE: This software should work over FSUSecure, or over the FSU VPN, but may not work from outside of FSU if not connected to the VPN.