FSU Biology - Upgrading Thunderbird to lastest version (>= 78) with Oauth2

Department of Biological Science

at Florida State University

Upgrading Thunderbird to lastest version (>= 78) with Oauth2

Upgrading Thunderbird:

You must have or upgrade to Thunderbird >= 78 for this to work. Choose Help->About Thunderbird to find your Thunderbird version number. Note version 68 will probably not auto upgrade to 78, if so upgrade manually with one of the links below

Windows: Download Thunderbird upgrader/installer at : Ninite_Thunderbird_Installer.exe.

Mac OS: Download Thunderbird upgrader/installer at : www.thunderbird.net.

Close Thunderbird if it's running and then run the downloaded installer to upgrade Thunderbird to latest version.

Setting OAuth2 authentication in Thunderbird:
  • Open Thunderbird. In the top right navigation dashes (aka hamburger menu) click 'Account Settings'.
  • Under your @fsu.edu account click "Server Settings". Change "Authentication Method" to "OAuth2". At any point after this step you may get a webpage asking you to logon to FSU CAS. It may require 2FA.
  • Click the @fsu.edu account itself to pull up "Account Settings". Note at bottom which "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" it is using.
  • At the bottom left click "Outgoing Server (SMTP). This brings up the list of your outgoing email servers. Click the one noted in previous step.
  • Click "Edit". Change "Authentication Method" to "OAuth2". Click "Ok".

If you are off campus you may be asked for 2FA. If you get asked and haven't set up a device you can set one up at: https://its.fsu.edu/2fa. Click the "Manage Devices" button and add a device.