FSU Biology - Requesting a mailing list

Department of Biological Science

at Florida State University

Requesting and/or Configuring a mailing list

Requesting a mailing list:

To setup a mailing list submit a ticket at the ITS Service Center. Select the following from the dropdowns:

  • Category: Faculty/Staff Services
  • Specialty Type: Email Listservs
  • Detail: Create a new listserv

In the Summary field include the name of the list you want to create, which should conform to internet email standards, containing only letters, numbers, and dashes or underscores. Biology department lists should begin with "bio-". e.g. bio-listname@lists.fsu.edu

In the details field be sure to include the email address(es) of the owner(s) of the mailing list, who will have the ability to add/remove people and change settings for the list. These must be official fsu email addresses.

Additional info can be found at: https://its.fsu.edu/service-catalog/communication-collaboration/mailing-list-listserv

Configuring a new mailing list:

Once your mailing list has been created by ITS, which may take a few days, you will recieve an email titled "Your new mailing list: list-name". This email will contain some basic instructions about administrating your new mailing list, along with links to the web interface and a password that will allow you to login to the admin section.

Once you have signed into the admin interface for the first time you'll be presented with a large number of configuration options, do not change them from the defaults without consulting with computer support first, except for the ones below that must be configured for the list to function:

Configure these settings on first sign in:

  • General Options
    • Owner Add any additional admins for your list. After setting here, forward them the email with the password!
    • from_is_list Set this to "Munge Form".
    • max_message_size Set this to 140000.
    • admin_member_chunksize Set this to 100.
  • Membership Management
    • Mass Subscription Enter a list of email addresses, one per line, and this form will subscribe them all in one go. You MUST do this before your list will actually send to anyone.
  • Privacy options - Recipient filters
    • acceptable_aliases If you will be forwarding a Specialized Account or Generic Account to the list, put its address here to avoid moderating posts to the alias.