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Accessing PSI from the Pauper Cluster

**Note: This is a service is not automatically available, it will need to be set up by Biology Computer Support. Contact Biology Computer Support at computer-support@bio.fsu.edu, or support-ticket@bio.fsu.edu to have this service activated.

To access PSI storage server from the pauper cluster (pauper, pauper2,..., pauper6) follow the instructions below:

  • First open a terminal and ssh to the pauper machine you would like to use
  • Next, use 'cd' command to change directories to your PSI home directory like so:
      ~> cd /psi/<yourBioUsername>
  • You can also use the 'ls' command to see your files that are stored on PSI, i.e.:
      ~> ls /psi/<yourBioUsername>
  • You can access the files on your PSI account by just using the path for them, i.e.:
    This syntax will also work for scripts as well.

**Note: psi directories are automounted on demand. Thus ls /psi won't show a directory unless it has recently been accessed.