FSU Biology - Change the default location of the Users folder

Department of Biological Science

at Florida State University

Change default location of User folders to D: drive

These instructions apply to Windows 7 and 10. This change will only affect users that have not logged onto the system before.

  1. Download ChangeUserFolderLocation.zip
  2. Extract the archive and open the contained folder
  3. Ensure that a D: drive is present
  4. Right click on PositionDefaultFolderSevenModular.cmd and click "Run as Administrator." If you are prompted for a password and do not have access to an administrator account, contact computer support.
  5. A command prompt will appear (black window with white text), press ENTER. Press ENTER again.
  6. A message that "The operation completed successfully." should appear repeatedly. The process is complete! Press ENTER to exit the prompt.