FSU Biology - Installing DNAStar software

Department of Biological Science

at Florida State University

Installing ArrayStar on Windows and MacOS


  • Download DNASTARLasergene1711WinInstaller.exe and double click to start installation. Click "Run" or "Ok" and "Yes" if UAC dialog(s) appears.
  • In the DNAStar software installer dialog click "Next", "Yes", "Next", "Next", "Close".
  • The DNAStar Navigator Control Panel should start. Open the "Utilities" subtree and click "License Manager". Click "Yes" if a UAC access control dialog appears.
  • The DNAStar Lasergene Authorization dialog appears. If a dialog with options appears check all items in the dialog (eg. "Lasergene 15 Core Suite", "SeqMan NGen 15", "ArrayStar 15 (including QSeq)", etc). Click "Next".
  • The dialog changes to network options. Change "DNASTAR License Type" to "Network". Enter "" into the "Network" text box. Click "Authorize". Click "Ok".

To start the DNAStar Navigator use Start->All Programs->DNASTAR Navigator 17->DNASTAR Navigator. To make a shortcut for this on your desktop right drag it to your desktop and choose "Create shortcut here".

Macintosh OSX:

Note: Arraystar and QSeq are not yet part of the Lasergene Suite for Mac and must be installed in Windows (either through Bootcamp, Parallels/VMWare, or some other dual-boot solution).

  • Download DNASTARLasergene1711MacInstaller.dmg and double click or open from browswer to mount the dmg on your desktop and open the folder. To start the installation double click the "DNASTAR Lasergene Installer" icon. If the UAC control dialog appears click "Open". If asked enter your computers administrative user credentials
  • The "DNASTAR Lasergene Installer" dialog appears. Click "Continue", "Continue" "Agree", "Install", "Next".
  • Change "DNASTAR License Type" to "Network" and enter "" into the "Product Key or License Server" text box. Click "Authorize". After installation completes click "Quit".

Using DNASTAR software outside of the building

Commuter Licenses can be checked out for up to 30 days and allow use of the software without constant access to the building's network. Be aware that the core suite, ArrayStar and SeqMan NGen each have seperate Commuter Licenses (ie. obtaining one for ArrayStar will not authorize any other applications)

  1. Once the software is installed and has been run successfully, close all DNASTAR applications.
  2. Go to Programs -> DNASTAR Arraystar / Lasergene Core Suite / SeqMan -> Commuter License
  3. Read the description regarding checking licenses in/out and select the number of days desired.
  4. Click "Check Out," then "Exit."
  5. Disconnect from the building network and relaunch the software to verify.

SeqManNGen on Ubuntu or Debian

  • Download SeqManNGen-14.0.0-87.x86_64-2021-10-13.deb and then cd to the directory
  • Copy the installer to the installer directory with
    "sudo cp SeqManNGen-14.0.0-87.x86_64-2021-10-13.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/"
  • Install the package with "sudo dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/SeqManNGen-14.0.0-87.x86_64-2021-10-13.deb"
  • Fix dependencies with "sudo apt-get install -f"

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