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FSU Biology - Computer Support Facilities - FSU Two Factor Authentication via the Duo App

Install Duo App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store

On your phone:

  • Launch Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for "Duo".
  • Look for "Duo Mobile" from "Duo Security Inc". Mac version says "Security made easy". Install that.
  • Start Duo. Click "Add Account". If asked allow access to camera once. The camera screen should appear in Duo. Let Duo sit here and proceed to next step
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Enable Duo device at its.fsu.edu/2fa

On a computer:

  • Go to webpage its.fsu.edu/2fa and click the "Manage Devices" button.
  • Login to FSU CAS may appear. Log in. This will ask for current 2FA if it exists.
    • Choose your text phone number from the drop down under Devices, choose "Enter a Passcode", and then click "Text me new codes".
    • This should text codes to your phone, enter the first code into the code box and click "Log in".
    • If "Text me new codes" is not given as an option you will need to fill out a guest support ticket to get a code, instructions here. Get the code, return to this point, enter the code and click "Log in".
  • Click "Add another device" if you all ready have devices, else click "Add device".
  • Under "What type of device are you adding?" choose "Mobile phone", click "Continue".
  • Enter your phone number. If you are replacing a device using the phone number check "...replace it?", click "Continue".
  • Under "What type of phone is XXX-XXX-XXXX" choose either iPhone or Android, click "Continue".
  • Click the "I have Duo Mobile Installed" button.
  • Scan the QR code that appears using the Duo app on your phone. It should immediately pair and give you a pair code.
  • A check appears on the web page. Click "Continue".
  • Under "My Settings & Devices" your smart phone should now be listed. You can close this page

Using Duo with FSU 2FA

  • When the FSU 2FA page appears when using a FSU network service (VPN, Canvas, email, etc) click the "Send me a push (via Duo)" option.
  • A notification should appear on your your Duo device. Click the notification or the Duo app and then click the big green "Allow" button.
  • The FSU 2FA page on your computer should complete.
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You can test your Duo app by launching a VPN connection to the FSU VPN. This should always ask for 2FA. Answer "Send me a push" when asked for 2FA method. A notification should arrive on your phone.Enter the notification or Duo app and click the green "Approve" button. The 2FA prompt on your computer should complete.

FSU ITS 2FA Documentation