FSU Biology - Filezilla

Department of Biological Science

at Florida State University

Connecting to one of the Pauper's via Filezilla

If you don't already have it installed, please install Filezilla. You can find it at the following link Filezilla. You'll want to choose "Download Filezilla Client". Run the resulting installer to install the software on your machine.

Initial Setup

To connect to the Pauper cluster open Filezilla. At the top of the screen add the following information:

  • Host: pauper.bio.fsu.edu
  • Username: your BIO AD username
  • Password: your BIO AD password
  • Port: 22


The remote side window will start in your home directory. Double click the folders to navigate inside your home directory. Navigate to other directories by changing the path in the "Remote site:" field above the navigation pane.

Uploading or Downloading Files

Once you have navigated to the remote folder you want to work with on the right side of the screen, you should also navigate to the local folder you wish to work with on your computer via the navigation pane on the left side of the screen. Once there, you can drag and drop files back and forth, or right click and select Upload or Download, as appropriate. Please be aware that when you download files, by default Filezilla saves them in whatever directory you've navigated to within the left pane.


The PSI fileserver can be accessed wth Filezilla via the Pauper cluster

  • Start Filezilla and connect to one of the pauper nodes.
  • In the "Remote site" text box type "/psi/username" and press enter. Substitute your real username for "username".
  • Your files on psi should appear in the Remote site listing.
  • Switch back to your files on the pauper cluster by typing "/home/username" in the "Remote site" text box.