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Poster Printer
Steps to creating a poster using power point
  1. In PowerPoint choose Page Setup on the Design tab. Paper can be no higher than 36in wide by 56in high. Set to orientation to landscape if paper is wider than 36in.
  2. Create your poster.
  3. Choose Print from the round Office button. The print dialog box appears. Click the down arrow next to Printer Name and choose the HP Design Jet 800PS.
  4. Click the Properties button. Click the Advanced button. Select PostScript Custom Page Size as the page size. Then click "Edit Custom Page Size" and set the dimension of your poster. Printer can be set to landscape mode if your poster is more than 36in wide.
  5. Click the Page Layout tab. Under "HP Scaling/Rotation", uncheck all boxes.
  6. Click the Device Options tab. Under "Print Quality", select "Best" and "Maximum Detail". Click Ok.
  7. Make sure the DesignJet 800 printer says "Ready". Click the Ok button. Your poster prints.

- Max page width in PowerPoint is 56". Make sure and set the width in step 5 to the same value as the page width you use in PowerPoint (step 1).
- If poster does not print, cancel print job, turn off printer, turn on printer and resend print job.