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FAQ's for Current Students

Registration Questions: General

I'm a bio major, why can't I register for the majors only courses?

You must pass:

  • BSC 2010 BSC 2010L,
  • BSC 2011, BSC 2011L,
  • CHM 1045, CHM 1045L
  • CHM 1046, and CHM 1046L

with a grade of C- or better, you won't be coded as an upper level bio major and you can't register for upper level courses.

I've met the pre-reqs for the major, why hasn't my code changed?

Code changes are done at the end of every semester and are based upon a database of your grades and courses. Sometimes there are gaps in the database (transfer credits for example) that need to be filled in by hand. If you haven't had your code changed from BiologyPR to BiologyBS, please see a bio advisor as soon as possible.

The ALEKS exam placed me in MAC 1105. Can I still take CHM 1045 and BSC 2010?

MAC 1105 is considered a pre-req for the chemistry and chemistry is a pre- or co-req for biology. Exactly what courses are most appropriate for a given students circumstances can be facilitated by advising.

I'd rather not take BSC 2010 (Biological Science I) and CHM 1045 (General Chemistry) together, must I?

You do not have to! You would be able to take 1 science class a semester and still graduate in 4 years. If you are a student who is going down the pre-medical or pre-health track it may be imperative that you speak with an advisor to discuss taking CHM 1045/L first.

I'm confused on the collateral courses, which combination can I choose?

Physics and Chemistry Sequence:
Pick one combination:

  1. CHM 2210 + CHM 2211 + PHY A
    Chemistry Minor
  2. PHY A + PHY B + CHM 2210
    Interdisciplinary Science Minor

I heard about DIS or internship, how does that work?

Directed Independent Study:
Working with a professor on their research project in a lab on campus. You can find the Biology faculty research opportunities here: Faculty Research. We encourage you to contact the professors directly to set up your DIS. Research in a lab could also be in another department such as College of Medicine, Psychology and Chemistry. Max of 6 credit hours toward the biology major.

Volunteering in a biological, medical or animal area typically outside of FSU. Max of 4 credit hours toward the biology major.

*All DIS and Internship paperwork to receive Biology credit towards the major MUST be completed the semester prior to starting.

**If you are unsure if your project/research/internship would count towards your biology major please contact the Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies in the Biology Department, located in the undergraduate advising office.

Registration Questions: Labs

Do I need to take the labs with the course?

We suggest you always take the class with the lab, be we also understand that these labs fill up quite quickly and you may be left in a lecture without a lab. You can always take the lab in the following semester to catch up. We recommend students who do not get into labs during the fall/spring semester, to stay in the summer and take them while there are many seats available.

Where is the lecture to go with BSC 3204L?

There is no lecture associated with BSC 3402L. This class is called Experimental Bio Lab and when searching for this course there will be an area called “Sub topic” and that will be the topic of the class for that particular section.

Do I have to take every lab offered with a course?

No you do not. There are BSC 2010L, BSC 2011L are the only two labs that MUST be taken with the course.

Registration Questions: Pre-Professional Students

Do I have to see two advisors before I can register?

At some point, you should seek additional advising help from The Health Professions Advising Office but you don't have to see two advisors every semester. You can make an appointment by calling 850-644-7678

What additional classes do pre-professional students need to take?

These vary depending upon the area - pre-vet, med, etc. Students should seek advising from The Health Professions Advising Office, in College of Medicine.

Help! My question wasn't up there!

Schedule an advising session with an advisor or visit the FSU Website!

Countdown to Graduation

Check out FSU's Information for Students at FSYou. You can look at your current schedule, grades, unofficial transcript, and much more. You can also review your standing in terms of degree and university requirements through the "undergraduate graduation check". These online helps are not a substitute for advising! Students are still required to process graduation requests through the Registrar's Office, their College, and the department. See your advisor for details.