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Travel Authorization Form for Graduate Students

Effective immediately all future air and train travel, both domestic and international, must be booked through the Concur travel system.

Before you submit this form, please confirm your Concur profile and delegate authority to Jen Kennedy and Toria Warren. Instructions can be found at https://controller.vpfa.fsu.edu/concur/user-guides

Please complete the Travel Authorization Form below. Click on Submit when ready to send.
If you have any questions, email jkennedy@bio.fsu.edu.

General Information

Purpose of trip (conference [include name of conference], collaboration with research colleague, personal trip):

Others going with you:

Funding Information

This trip will be paid by (click on all that are applicable):

No funds requested
Business (paid by another source other than above)

Personal funds

Estimated Expenditures

If not requesting funds, stop here and click Submit button below

(use Avis/Budget state contract unless unavailable; nonfaculty must book in Concur)
(if over $175.00/night justification is required)

By submitting this form, I, the above named traveler, voluntarily accept to receive travel expenses of less than the full amount permitted by Florida Statute FS 112.061 for this trip. (If you do not accept to receive less than the full amount permitted by statutes, you must identify sufficient funding and provide sufficient documentation to support all claimed, permitted expenses.) Receiving less than the full amount may be related to:

  • Receiving allowed meals instead of per diem on the last day of overnight travel.
  • Receiving less than current State mileage rate (for example, receiving reimbursement equivalent to actual cost of gas).
  • Receiving a capped rate for all eligible travel expenses related to a trip (for example, the funding department(s) or grant(s) allow a limited amount, which is less than the total of actual permited expenses).
  • Receiving only those expenses that can be adequately documented and justified in accordance with statutory requirements (for example, shared expenses receipted in one person's name can only be reimbursed to the named person, resulting in others receiving lesser reimbursement).
  • Receiving any other allowable travel expenses to be reimbursed at a lesser rate than statute permits.

Benefit to State/Sponsored Project

Provide a clear, brief (1 sentence, <20 words) statement of the benefit your travel will provide to the State of Florida or to a state-sponsored research project (not the benefit to yourself). For example: professional development, public service, dissemination of research results, training, collaboration, seeking sponsor for research. Do not use abbreviations or acronyms. This is not required if no funds are requested. You may use the rest of the space to note any other information relevant to this travel.

Upload Files

In order to complete this request you must attach your abstract AND proof of acceptance for presentation.

Upon your return, take (or email) your receipts for reimbursement to Jen Kennedy, 113A Biology Unit 1. Please provide the following:

  • A copy of of the program/agenda if attending a conference
  • Itemized hotel bill showing zero balance due
  • Airline itinerary including ticket# and pricing
  • Receipts for any other expenses you want reimbursed (except meals)
  • A brief summary of the expenses for which you request reimbursement

Go to http://www.vpfa.fsu.edu/control/travel.html to read the State of Florida rules regarding allowable expenses