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Greenhouse/Field Space Request Form

For all greenhouse/field space requests, please complete the form below. Click on Submit when ready to send.

If you have any questions, email tjepsen@bio.fsu.edu

General Information

Funding Information

These items will be paid by the following:

Project Information

These items will be paid by the following:

Greenhouse Basic (A1) - This will include watering by the greenhouse facilities staff, pots, pesticide when judged necessary by the greenhouse facilities staff, and, if appropriate, lights and temperature-controlled space. Users would be required to provide their own soil and fertilizer.

Greenhouse Additional (A2) - Above services, plus any standard soil mix and fertilizers - higher grade or specialty fertilizers will require extra charges (the need for specialty soils, fertilizers, or pest management tactics such as beneficial insects, must be included on the Space Request Form, with indication of how they will be paid for).

Field Basic (B1) - Basic services include any area prep (mowing, plowing) by the greenhouse facilities staff. Basic services do not include any regular maintenance such as watering by greenhouse facilities staff, or materials such as pots, weed mat, fertilizer, and insecticide.

Agricultural (B2) - Irrigated field space, which includes fertilizer, insecticide, pesticide (Round Up), and irrigation supplies and services. Users would be responsible for extras such as soil tests, and soil enhancements including lime or compost. These types of needs should be included on the Space Request Form so the greenhouse facilities staff can properly assist.

Field Additional (B3) - This includes space on weed mat, and if needed watering by the greenhouse facilities staff, soil, pots, and fertilizer. All other outdoor space is included in this category; unique needs must be communicated on the Space Request Form.

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