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Dr. Thomas C. S. Keller

Dr. Thomas C. S. Keller

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Virginia, 1981

Research and Professional Interests:

Our recent research investigated the roles that various cytoskeletal proteins play in the structure and function of nonmuscle cells.We focused our interest on a cellular isoform of the muscle protein titin that we discovered in the brush border. Titins are the largest ribosome-translated peptides found to date. In muscle, titin plays a key role in establishing and maintaining the integrity of the contractile sarcomere unit through interaction with the myosin thick filaments. Minititins found in invertebrates also appear to play a regulatory role in muscle contraction through an intrinsic kinase activity. Using immunofluorescence microscopy with an antibody that we raised against cellular titin, we have found cellular titin colocalized with myosin filaments in the brush border and in the stress fibers and cleavage furrows in all other cells that we have investigated. Our biochemical investigations of proteins purified from brush borders have revealed that cellular titin has the capability of organizing myosin filaments in vitro into arrays that with electron microscopy appear similar to those found in vivo. This finding indicates that cellular titin may play a key organizational role in important cytoskeletal assemblies in all cells. We have investigated the interaction of titin with several other cytoskeletal proteins including alpha-actinin. 

We also investigate interaction of a variety of cell types with polyelectrolyte multilayer surfaces (PEMUs) in collboration with the Dr. Joe Schlenoff lab in the FSU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.  PEMUs have tyunable properties and are protentially useful as biocompatible coatings for implantable medical devices.  Our work focuses on determining how PEMUs influence adult the adhesion and migration of a variety of other cell types. Most recently. we have developed a protocol for preparing decellularized ECM-PEMU substrates that control adult stem cell stemness and differentiation. 

Selected Publications:

Selected Publications:

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