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Dr. Roberto Vincis

  • Office: 211 Biomedical Research Facility
  • Office: (850) 644-7328
  • Area: Neuroscience
  • Lab: Biomedical Research Facility
  • Lab: (850) 644-7386
  • Mail code: 4370
  • E-mail: rvincis@fsu.edu
Dr. Roberto  Vincis

Vincis Lab Website

Assistant Professor
PhD., University of Geneva (Switzerland), 2013
Graduate Faculty Status

Selected Publications:

Shakeshaft, M., and R. Vincis (2020) Bad food memories? It is just a matter of time. Journal of Physiology 598(23): 5303-5304.

Bouaichi, C. G., and R. Vincis (2020) Cortical processing of chemosensory and hedonic features of taste in active licking mice. Journal of Neurophysiology .

Vincis, R., K. Chen, L. Czarnecki, J. Chen, and A. Fontanini (2020) Dynamic representation of taste-related decisions in the gustatory insular cortex of mice. Current Biology .

Chen, K., R. Vincis, and A. Fontanini (2019) Disruption of Cortical Dopaminergic Modulation Impairs Preparatory Activity and Delays Licking Initiation. Cerebral Cortex .

Vincis, R., and A. Fontanini (2016) A gustocentric perspective to understanding primary sensory cortices. Current Opinion in Neurobiology .

Vincis, R., and A. Fontanini (2016) Associative learning changes cross-modal representations in the gustatory cortex. eLife .

Vincis *, R., S. Lagier *, D. Van der Ville, I. Rodriguez, and A. Carleton (2015) Sensory-evoked intrinsic imaging signals in the olfactory bulb are independent of neurovascular coupling. Cell Report .

Abraham*, N., R. Vincis*, S. Lagier, I. Rodriguez, and A. Carleton (2014) Long term functional plasticity of sensory inputs mediated by olfactory learning. eLife .

Vincis, R., O. Gschwend , K. Bhaukaurally , J. Beroud , and A. Carleton (2012) Dense representation of natural odorants in the mouse olfactory bulb. Nature Neuroscience .

Vincis, R., and A. Fontanini (2019) Central taste anatomy and physiology.  In  Handbook of Clinical Neurology