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Dr. Peter Fraser

Dr. Peter  Fraser

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PhD, Molecular Biology. University of Pennsylvania, 1988.

Research and Professional Interests:

Dynamic changes in chromatin and chromosome architecture regulates patterns of cellular gene expression during differentiation and development, or in response to environmental signals. Our research looks at various levels of chromatin, chromosome and nuclear structure, from individual nucleosome modifications to the dynamic 3D structure of chromosomes and their inter-relationships in the nucleus and how they affect genome functions. 

Single-cell Hi-C
The spatial organization of the genome inside the cell nucleus is tissue-specific and has been linked to several nuclear processes including gene activation, gene silencing, genomic imprinting, gene co-regulation, genome maintenance, DNA replication, DNA repair, immunoglobulin gene rearrangement, chromosomal translocations and X chromosome inactivation. Most chromosome conformaiton capture methods meaure populations of millions of cells, and since genome organization is highly variable from cell to cell these methods report on average or probabalistic confromations. To overcome this we developed single-cell Hi-C to assess genome conformation in single cells. This powerful method has allowed us to begin to understand the variability in chromosome conformation and chromosome dynamics.

Nagano 2017

Promoter Capture Hi-C
Hi-C libraries are incredibly complex and cannot really identify chromatin interactions between distant genomic sequences at the restriction fragment level with statistical significance unless tens of billions or read-pairs are produced. To get around this shortcoming and to identify distal sequences that significantly interact with gene promoters using a statistical threshold we developed Promoter Capture Hi-C. This involves sequence capture using thousands of biotinylated RNA oligomers complementary to all annotated promoters to specifically enrich for promoter-containing fragments from Hi-C libraries. The enriched promoter-containing fragment libraries are then sequenced with high-throughput paired-end sequencing to reveal long-range, promoter-interacting genomic regions such as enhancers and other potential distal regulatory elements, as well as non-random, promoter-to-promoter contacts in the 3D nuclear space. We have used this data to create a greater understanding of global gene expression control, to assign distal regulatory elements to their target genes, to link human disease-associated variants to their target genes and to assess genome-wide contacts between promoters, which play roles in control of gene transcription and gene repression.

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Selected Publications:

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