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Dr. Leithen MGonigle

  • Office: 4019 King Life Sciences
  • Office: (850) 645-9532
  • Lab: King Life Sciences
  • E-mail: lmgonigle@bio.fsu.edu
Dr. Leithen  MGonigle

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Assistant Professor
Ph.D, University of British Columbia (Canada), 2012
Graduate Faculty Status

Research and Professional Interests:

In my research, I aim to understand how interactions between species 1) enable those species to persist and 2) direct their future evolution. I use a combination of theoretical, empirical, and statistical approaches. Topics I am most interested in include sexual selection, host-parasite interactions, and Allee effects. In my theoretical work, I also aim to generate empirically testable hypotheses and the corresponding tools needed to test them. Lastly, because insights about the origins and maintenance of biodiversity can inform conservation, I try to make connections with the appropriate conservation programs.