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Department of Biological Science

at Florida State University

Biological Science Faculty Member

Dr. W. Ross Ellington

  • Office: 3021 Wescott North
  • Office: (850) 645-6900
  • Lab: Wescott North
  • Fax: (850) 645-0108
  • Mail code: 1330
  • E-mail:

Michael J. Greenberg Professor of Biological Science
Associate Vice President for Research
Ph.D., University of Rhode Island, 1976
Graduate faculty status (no longer accepting graduate students)

Research and Professional Interests:

Enzyme structure, function, and evolution.

Selected Publications:

  • Bertin, M., S.A. Pomponi, C. Kouhuta, N. Iwasaki, T. Suzuki and W.R. Ellington (2007) Origin of the genes for the isoforms of creatine kinase. Gene 39: 273-282.
  • Tanaka, K., K. Uda, M. Shimada, K.-I. Takahashi, S. Gamou, W.R. Ellington and T. Suzuki (2007) Evolution of the cytoplasmic and mitochondrial phosphagen kinases unique to annelid groups. Journal of Molecular Evolution 65: 616-625.
  • Conejo, M., M. Bertin, S.A. Pomponi and W.R. Ellington (2008) The early evolution of phosphagen kinases- Insights from choanoflagellate and poriferan arginine kinases. Journal of Molecular Evolution 66: 11-20.
  • Uda, K., K. Yamamoto, N. Iwasaki, M. Awai, K. Fujikura, W.R. Ellington and T. Suzuki (2008) Two-domain arginine kinase from the deep-sea clam Calyptogena kaikoi- Evidence of two active domains. Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology B 151: 176-182.
  • Hoffman, G.G., O. Davulcu, S. Sona and W.R. Ellington (2008) Contributions to catalysis and potential interactions of the three catalytic domains in a contiguous trimeric creatine kinase. FEBS Journal 275: 646-654.
  • Suzuki, T., K. Uda, M. Adachi, H. Sanada, K. Tanaka, C. Mizuta, K. Ishida and W.R. Ellington (2009) Evolution of the diverse array of phosphagen systems present in annelids. Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology B 152: 60-66.
  • Bush, J.D., O. Kirillova, S.A. Clark, O. Davulcu, F. Fabiola, Q. Xie, T. Somasundaram, W.R. Ellington and M.S. Chapman (2011) The structure of lombricine kinase: implications for phosphagen kinase conformational changes. Journal of Biological Chemistry 286: 9338-9350.
  • Hoffman, G.G. and W.R. Ellington (2011) Arginine kinase isoforms in the closest protozoan relative of metazoans. Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology D (Genomics & Proteomics) 6: 171-177.

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