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Dr. Erdem Bangi

Dr. Erdem  Bangi

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Brown University, 2005
Graduate Faculty Status

Research and Professional Interests:

My laboratory takes a novel and innovative approach to studying colorectal cancer by leveraging sophisticated genetic tools and practical advantages of Drosophila. We build, study and drug-screen Drosophila cancer models that reflect the complexity and diversity of sequenced human tumors. 

Current reasearch interests include:
  -- studying early steps of intestinal tumorigenesis by genetically manipulating fly orthologs of genes frequently mutated in human colon tumors (both in the larval and the adult intestine)

  -- developing new genetic tools and strategies to incorporate more genetic complexity into our tumor models

 --  using our models to explore drug mechanisms of action and resistance, identify drug targets, new drugs,  and drug combinations that may be effective against genetically complex tumors.