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Dr. Daniel Okamoto

  • Office: 4061 King Life Sciences
  • Office: (850) 645-9532
  • Lab: King Life Sciences
  • E-mail:
Dr. Daniel  Okamoto


Assistant Professor
PhD UC Santa Barbara
Graduate Faculty Status

Research and Professional Interests:

I study population dynamics with a focus on marine species. I am interested in how environmental and trophic interactions regulate fluctuations in demographics (i.e. recruitment, growth, reproduction & mortality) and how fisheries management impacts dynamics in space and time. My research integrates field & laboratory experiments, field surveys, statistical analysis, quantitative theory and simulation modeling. Focal taxa include sea urchins, macroalgae, forage fish, reef fish and abalone.

Selected Publications:

DK, M Hessing-Lewis, JF Samhouri, AO Shelton, A Stier, PS Levin, AK Salomon. Accepted. Spatial variability within exploited metapopulations obscures risk of collapse. Ecological Applications. preprint:

OkamotoDK, M Poe, T Francis, AE Punt, PS Levin, AO Shelton, D Armitage, JS Cleary, S Dressel, R Jones, H Kitka, LC Lee, AD MacCall, JA McIsaac, S Reifenstuhl, JJ Silver, JO Schmidt, TF Thornton, R Voss, J Woodruff.  2019.  Attending to spatial social-ecological sensitivities to improve trade-off analysis in natural resource management.  Fish and Fisheries. PDF

Kline, DI, L Teneva, DK Okamoto, K Schneider, K Caldeira, T Miard, A Chai, M Marker, RB Dunbar, BG Mitchell, S Dove, O Hoegh-Guldberg.  2019. In Situ Study Shows Living Coral Provides Resilience to Ocean Acidification.  Nature Ecology & Evolution.  PDF

Armitage, DR, DK Okamoto, JJ Silver, TB Francis, PS Levin, AE Punt, IP Davies, JS Cleary, SC Dressel, RR Jones, H Kitka, LC Lee, AD MacCall, JA McIsaac, MR Poe, S Reifenstuhl, AO Shelton, JO Schmidt, TF Thornton, R Voss, J Woodruff.  2019. Integrating governance and quantitative evaluation of resource management strategies to improve social and ecological outcomes.  Bioscience.  PDF

Burt, JM, TB Tinker, DK Okamoto, KW Demes, K Holmes AK Salomon. 2018. A mesopredator alters the resilience of alternative states through complementarity with a keystone predator.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B.  285(1883). PDF

Pau, S, DK Okamoto, O Calderón, SJ Wright. 2018. Long-term increases in tropical flowering activity across growth forms in response to rising CO2 and climate change. Global Change Biology.  PDF

Kapsenberg, LK*, DK Okamoto*, JM Dutton & GE Hoffman. 2017. Sensitivity of sea urchin fertilization to pH varies across a natural pH mosaicEcology & Evolution. 7:6, 1737–1750. PDF

Krumhansl, K, DK Okamoto et al. 2016.  Global patterns of kelp forest change over the past half-century. Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesPDF

Okamoto, DK. 2016. Competition among eggs shifts to cooperation along a sperm supply gradient in an external fertilizer. The American Naturalist. 187:5, E129-E142. PDF

Okamoto, DK, RJ Schmitt, & SJ Holbrook. 2016. Stochastic density effects on adult fish survival and implications for population fluctuations. Ecology Letters. 9:153 -162.  PDF

Okamoto, DK, MS Stekoll, & GL Eckert. 2013. Coexistence despite recruitment inhibition of kelps by subtidal algal crusts. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 493:103-112. PDF

Okamoto, DK, RJ Schmitt, SJ Holbrook, & DC Reed. 2012. Fluctuations in food supply drive recruitment variation in a marine fish. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 279(1747):4542-4550. PDF

Britton-Simmons, KH, G Foley, & DK Okamoto. 2009. Spatial subsidy in the subtidal zone: utilization of drift algae by a deep subtidal sea urchin. Aquatic Biology. 5(3):233-243.  PDF

Graduate Students:

Schumm, Matthew
Spindel, Nathan

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