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Dr. Jonathan H. Dennis

Dr. Jonathan H. Dennis

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University College London, 2001; Postdoctoral, Massachusetts General Hospital
Graduate Faculty Status

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Research and Professional Interests:

How can more than two meters of human genomic DNA be packed as chromatin into a five micrometer nucleus whose protein concentration approaches that of a protein crystal? I devoted my post-doctoral work to the development of techniques to describe the accessibility and organization of chromatin in the human nucleus, and I have used these technologies to study the biology of chromatin involved in the innate immune response. The long-term goal of my research is to apply and develop state-of-the-art techniques to large-scale detailed analysis of chromatin structure, thereby revealing the relationship between the regulation of chromatin architecture and cellular processes and clarifying the role of chromatin structure in the origin and mechanisms of disease.

A prevailing view of chromatin structure predicts that nucleosome distribution plays a role in gene regulation, and that nucleosome distribution will exhibit marked differences in disparate cell types with different gene expression programs. However, multiple studies have observed that nucleosome occupancy profiles are largely similar among disparate cell types with different gene expression programs, raising questions about the role of in-vivo nucleosome distribution on genome regulation. We have mapped nucleosome distribution at high temporal resolution during multiple genomic responses and have demonstrated that nucleosome repositioning is widespread, transient, genetically-encoded, and may potentiate regulatory factor binding. Additionally, we have shown that although basal nucleosome positions are highly similar between disparate cell types, the sensitivity of many nucleosomes to nuclease digestion varies greatly. These discoveries have allowed us to propose a hierarchical model for gene regulation that reconciles decades of chromatin research.

Selected Publications:

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