FSU Biology - Dr. Herman Kurz
In Memoriam

Dr. Herman Kurz,
Professor Emeritus, 1886-1965

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., University of Chicago 1922

Obituary read at 31 August 1966 faculty meeting, Department of Biological Science

Curriculum vitae

Selected Publications

Kurz, H. 1923. Hydrogen ion concentration in relation to ecological factors. Botanical Gazette 76:1–29.

Kurz, H. 1928. Influence of sphagnum and other mosses on bog reaction. Ecology 9(1):56–69.

Kurz, H. 1928. Northern aspect and phenology of Tallahassee Red Hills flora. Botanical Gazette 85:83–89.

Kurz, H. 1930. The relations of pH to plant distribution in nature. American Naturalist 64:314–341.

Kurz, H. 1937. A new and remarkable habitat for the endemic Florida yew. Torreya 27:90–92.

Kurz H. 1939. A physiographic study of the tree associations of the Appalachicola River. Proceedings of the Florida Academy of Sciences 3:78–90.

Kurz, H., and K. H. Wagner. 1953. Factors in cypress dome development. Ecology 34:157–164.

Kurz, H., and R. K. Godfrey. 1962. Trees of Northern Florida. University of Florida Press, Gainesville. 311 pp.