FSU Biology - Dr. Loran Anderson

Department of Biological Science

at Florida State University

Loran C. Anderson In Memoriam

Dr. Loran C. Anderson, Professor Emeritus, 1936 - 2022

Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School, 1962.

Research and Professional Interests:

Plant taxonomy with emphasis on monographic and cytotaxonomic work in the Asteraceae, some general floristics. Presently working on systematics of Chrysothamnus and related genera, taxonomy of Cannabis (marihuana), and a checklist of the native plants of the Florida panhandle. Flora of Franklin County, Florida, and phytogeography of the Apalachicola barrier islands. Study of rare and endangered plants of Florida panhandle. Plant anatomy with emphasis on comparative studies in the Asteraceae,Cannabaceae, Sapotaceae; also ecological adaptation as expressed in plant structure.

Selected Publications: Anderson, L. C. 1999. Collecting and preparing plant specimens and producing an herbarium. In Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching, vol. 20. S. J. Karcher, ed. Proc. 20th Workshop/Conf. of Assoc. Biol. Lab. Education (ABLE). 295-300.

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