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Department of Biological Science

at Florida State University

Department Dialogue

Title: Critical shifts to action items
Date: Thursday, 19 October 2023
Time:4:00 PM
Location: Zoom and KIN
Series Title: Department Dialogue
Category: Miscellaneous
Note: Where? On Zoom (link TBA), but light refreshments will be available in KIN for participants just before and after the meeting to fuel our collective thinking and provide a chance for in-person idea-sharing. What? Once or twice a semester our department comes together to discuss improving our community. Our dialog on the 19th is part of a series on “critical shifts”. Working with Dr. Issac Carter, a professional facilitator, participants have identified ways our community needs to shift. On the 19th we will focus on one of those shifts (improved communication) and generate specific actionable proposals.
Why should you attend? • Problems can feel beyond our control, but we can work effectively at the local level to address issues within our own department. You can make a difference.
• These dialogs are a way to hear from everyone, get ideas from everyone, and involve everyone in the decision-making. We need to hear all voices.
• These dialogs have an impact on department administration and beyond. We are committed to supporting the solutions that come out of the dialogs, and carrying concerns to upper administration when changes are beyond our control.
• This dialog will focus on how to take an idea for change and make it actionable. This skill takes practice, and is useful for every one of us, regardless of job description (student, faculty, staff) or the sphere in which we want to solve problems (our department, future workplaces, our communities).
RSVP! To help with planning (for the meeting and for refreshments) please use this form to indicate whether you plan to participate: https://forms.gle/Yhvhmsf6CSiXjbko9