FSU Biology - Covid19 Information

Department of Biological Science

at Florida State University

Rules and procedures for the Phase I re-opening.


== Coming On Campus ==

  • Buildings are still locked with Limited Access (ie weekend-like access) by swipe card.
  • People who can work remotely should stay at home. That includes all departmental office and advising staff.
  • If you're sick, stay home: Contact your supervisor immediately and let them know. Supervisors should inform the Chair. Additionally if you live with those who are ill or come into close contact with anyone who is sick, you should avoid coming into work.
  • If you travel beyond Leon County or the adjoining counties, you MUST self-quarantine for 2 weeks.

== Laboratory Research ==

  • Laboratories should limit their people on-campus at any one time to 25% of lab personnel, or 1 person per lab, which ever number is greater. You should attempt separation within the lab as much as possible, with a minimum of 6 feet of space between people.
  • The VP for research has cautioned that we should limit ourselves to short-term or seasonal projects, as events may force us to ramp-down research again.

== Building Rules ==

  • FACE MASKS must be worn in the Biology buildings AT ALL TIMES in common or public areas, and they are strongly encouraged even when working alone to prevent contamination of work areas. Common areas include stairwells, hallways, computer labs, common equipment rooms, the core labs, shared use equipment -- anywhere you might encounter a fellow biologist. (see below for more)
  • Gloves should NOT be worn outside of the lab, as per usual policy.
  • You should practice physical distancing of at least 6 feet separation from other people. Of course 2 people may be required for some procedures for technical or safety reasons, in which case use PPE and physical distancing as best as possible.
  • In-person gatherings and the use of conference rooms are prohibited. Outside visitors are prohibited except by permission of the Chair.
  • Only 1 person at a time can use an elevator. Break areas are closed and not to be used.
  • Please clean and disinfect your proximate work areas before you leave. And wash hands often.

== PPE and Disinfectants ==

  • Following CDC and EH&S guidelines, masks are required to be worn AT ALL TIMES in the Biology buildings in any public or common area, and are strongly encouraged even when working alon.. Cloth face coverings and cloth masks are suitable, as are disposable surgical masks. N95-style respirators are NOT required, and are impossible to acquire anyway.
  • The department will be ordering disposable surgical masks, and also disinfectant wipes, spray disinfectants, and hand sanitizer, which will be rationed per laboratory to allow clean up of work surfaces after use.
  • HOWEVER it may take weeks or MONTHS to acquire these items in quantity. Until the department is able to acquire and distribute these supplies, INDIVIDUAL LABORATORIES that want to re-open MUST provide lab members with masks (or they can use personal masks). Labs that re-open also MUST have sufficient disinfectant supplies to ensure cleaning after work surfaces between shifts.

== Core Laboratories ==

  • The Biology Analytical, Molecular, and Imaging Cores will begin to re-open, with staff working in shifts, for sequencing, imaging, etc. The cores will be posting information on how to drop off samples and sign up for equipment use.
  • If we practice good social distancing, there should not be a problem with quick occasional use of core equipment -- be considerate and come back later if someone is already using the equipment. You should contact core personnel ahead of time if you need extended access to core equipment, or need to use microscopes in the BSIR.

== Deliveries ==

  • The King Stockroom is open and receiving deliveries. We will be putting in some separation measures to allow safe pickup. Again, be considerate and provide plenty of distance between yourself and others, and the stockroom staff, when you visit.

Please check with your faculty PI or supervisor for provision of REQUIRED MASKS (you may bring your own cloth or surgical mask) and disinfectant, until the department can acquire them for everyone.

These rules are based on the Office of Research and EH&S guidelines:

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