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Center for Aquatic Research and Resource Management (CARRMA)

CARRMA was established in 1984 by the Florida State University as part of the university's Institute of Science and Public Affairs. It serves as the focal point for the research efforts of its director, Dr. Robert J. Livingston, and his staff and students. The center's primary goal is to conduct research designed to answer aquatic resource-management questions posed by government agencies (local, state, federal) and private concerns. The center conducts research in lakes, rivers, and near-shore coastal systems throughout the southeastern United States and adopts a multi- disciplinary approach to topics such as light, nutrients, primary productivity, fate and effects of storm-water pollutants, sediment-water interactions, community assemblages of fish and invertebrates in various habitats, and trophic dynamics. In addition to descriptive and experimental field and laboratory studies, CARMMA investigators use a number of advanced statistical, mapping, and graphics software packages for modeling studies to aid in efforts to understand how ecosystems function at different levels of biological organization. For additional information telephone (850) 644-4887, FAX (850) 644-9829, or e-mail Dr. Livingston at livingston@bio.fsu.edu.