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BioNotes, 17-03-20


March 20 through March 24, 2017

Thursday, March 23, 9:00 am, 2057 KIN—PLANT SCIENCES SEMINAR, "Myosin-driven transport network in plants," Hardeep Gumber, Department of Biological Science, FSU.

Thursday, March 23, 3:30 pm, 499 DSL—MATHEMATICS AND SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING JOINT COLOQUIUM, "Energetic variational approaches for general diffusion: transport of charged particles in biological environments," Dr. Chun Liu, Department of Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA.

Thursday, March 23, 4:00 pm, 1024 KIN—BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE COLLOQUIUM, "Toward making the invisible and complicated understandable: microscopy across scales and modalities," Dr. Mark Ellisman, Professor, Department of Neurosciences, University of California, San Diego, CA. Host: Dr. Kenneth Taylor, Department of Biological Science, Florida State University.

Thursday, March 23, 7:00 pm, Challenger Learning Center IMAX theater, Kleman Plaza—TALLAHASSEE SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY HORIZONS SERIES, "Let it rain and snow: global precipitation measurements for science and society," Dr. Gail Skofonick-Jackson, NASA Project Scientist for the Global Precipitation Measurement Satellite. Host: Tallahassee Scientific Society. Tickets to the presentation are $8 for members, $15 for nonmembers; season discounts available. Doors open at 6:00p.m., presentation begins at 7:00p.m.

Friday, March 24, 3:30 pm, 101 CAR—EOAS COLLOQUIUM, "Ask the diatoms: using molecular methods to identify diatoms and determine their iron status," Prof. Dreux Chappell, Department of Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA. Host: Dr. Angela Knapp, Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Florida State University .

Friday, March 24, 4:00 pm, 1024 KIN—ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION SEMINAR, "Assortative mating in the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus: color variation, gamete compatibility and patterns of aggregation," Jose Moscoso, Department of Biological Science, Florida State University. Host: Dr. Don R. Levitan, Department of Biological Science, Florida State University.

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