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at Florida State University

BioNotes, 15-11-30


November 30 through December 4, 2015

Tuesday, December 1, 11:15 am, 112 KLB—BIOCHEMISTRY/STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY SEMINAR, "Intrinsically disordered protein and the origins of complex multicellular organisms," Dr. Keith Dunker, Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Indiana University School of Medicine. Host: Dr. Huan-Xiang Zhou.

Wednesday, December 2, 12:00 pm, 1306 COM—BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES SEMINAR , "Molecular pathways in yeast and humaqn that connect methionine metabolism with cell cycle regulation and cancer," Dr. Peter Kaiser, Department of Biological Chemistry, University of California, Irvine, CA..

Wednesday, December 2, 3:30 pm, 101 LOV—SEMINAR, "Why fight? How do we measure decision-making during contests?," Sarah Wofford, Department of Biological Sciences, Bowling Green State University. Host: Prof. Mike Mesterton-Gibbons, Department of Mathematics, Florida State University.

Thursday, December 3, 9:30 am, 2057 KIN—PLANT SCIENCES SEMINAR, "Defining multiple, distinct, and shared spatiotemporal patterns of DNA replication and endoreduplication from 3D image analysis of developing maize root tip nuclei: a discussion of Bass et al., 2015, Plant Mol Biol 89(4):339-351," Dr. Hank W. Bass, Department of Biological Science, FSU.

Thursday, December 3, 3:30 pm, 1024 KIN—BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE FACULTY MEETING

Friday, December 4, 4:00 pm, 1024 KIN—ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION SEMINAR, "Predicting the fate of deep sea fisheries bycatch," Brendan Talwar, Department of Biological Science. Host: Dr. R. Dean Grubbs, Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory. This is also Brendan's thesis defense.

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