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BioNotes, 12-09-10


September 10 through September 14, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 11:15 am, 112 KLB—BIOCHEMISTRY/STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY SEMINAR, "Quantitative understanding of biomolecular recognitions via the free energy simulation method," Dan Stribling, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, FSU.

Wednesday, September 12, 9:00 am, 2057 KIN—SPECIAL SEMINAR, "Friends, foes, and freeloaders: microbial symbionts in marine sponges," Dr. Patrick M. Erwin, University of Barcelona, Spain. Host: Dr. Felicia C. Coleman.

Wednesday, September 12, 3:30 pm, A211 PDB—NEUROSCIENCE COLLOQUIUM, "The centrosome in developmental and adult neurological disease," Dr. Timothy Megraw, College of Medicine, FSU.

Thursday, September 13, 9:30 am, 2057 KIN—PLANT SCIENCES SEMINAR, "Hypoxia as a positional cue for male germ-cell specification: discussion of of Kelliher and Walbot, 2012, Science 337:345-348," Dr. Hank W. Bass, Department of Biological Science, FSU.

Thursday, September 13, 11:15 am, 112 KLB—INTRODUCTION TO MOLECULAR BIOPHYSICS FACULTY RESEARCH, Presentation on research, Dr. M. Elizabeth Stroupe, Department of Biological Science, FSU.

Thursday, September 13, 4:00 pm, 1024 KIN—BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE COLLOQUIUM, STUDENT SAMPLER. "Cancer progression is linked to altered chromatin structure," Brooke Roberts Druliner, Dennis lab, Cell and Molecular Biology; "Matrix quality mediates the effects of patch size and arrangement on metacommunity structure and ecosystem function," Brian Spiesman, Inouye lab, Ecology and Evolution; "Rod photoreceptors protect from cone degeneration-induced retinal remodeling and restore visual responses in zebrafish," Carole Saade, J. Fadool lab, Neuroscience.

Thursday, September 13, 4:00 pm, 1400 MSB—CANCELLED: COLLEGE OF MEDICINE GRAND ROUNDS, "Creating health equity: social justice, human rights, and the social determinants of health," Dr. Adewale Troutman, University of South Florida, Tampa. Host: Dr. Gail R. Bellamy. CANCELLED as of 12 September 2012.

Friday, September 14, 4:00 pm, 1024 KIN—ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION SEMINAR, "Anchored phylogenomics: accelerating data collection in phylogenetics, phylogeography, and population genetics for non-model systems," Dr. Alan R. Lemmon, Department of Scientific Computing, FSU. Host: Dr. Brian D. Inouye.

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