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BioNotes, 12-04-09


April 9 through April 13, 2012

Monday, April 9, 12:15 pm, 2057 KIN—SPECIAL BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE SEMINAR, "Do sexual ornaments signal fertility?," Dr. Andrew Pomiankowski, University College London, UK. Host: Dr. David Houle.

Monday, April 9, 4:00 pm, 1003 CSL—INTEGRATIVE NANOSCIENCE INSTITUTE SEMINAR, "Transient absorption microscopy studies of single metal and semiconductor nanostructures," Dr. Gregory Hartland, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana.

Tuesday, April 10, 11:15 am, 112 KLB—BIOCHEMISTRY/STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY SEMINAR, "Modifying biological function using conformational trapping by synthetic antibodies," Dr. Anthony A. Kossiakoff, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. Host: Dr. Huan-Xiang Zhou.

Tuesday, April 10, 12:00 pm, 1306 COM—SPECIAL BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES SEMINAR,, "Dystonia—a movement disorder: perspectives from a patient, parents, a neurologist, and a neuroscientist." Dr. Erwin Jackson, Tallahassee; Brian Jackson, Tallahassee; Stephanie Jackson, Tallahassee; Dr. Nutan Sharma, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts; Dr. Pradeep Bhide, FSU College of Medicine, Tallahassee.

Wednesday, April 11, 11:00 am, 2600 GME (110 S. Woodward St.)—SPECIAL SEMINAR, "The Turkana Basin Institute, Kenya: research opportunities and field school," Dr. Anja Deppe, Turkana Basin Institute, Kenya.

Wednesday, April 11, 12:00 pm, 1306 COM—BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES SEMINAR, "Mechanisms repressing apoptosis in the immune system: a role for ion channels," Dr. John A. Cidlowski, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland. Host: Dr. Cathy W. Levenson.

Thursday, April 12, 9:30 am, 2057 KIN—PLANT SCIENCES SEMINAR, "Heat shock proteins in two lines of Zea mays L. that differ in drought and heat resistance," D. J. Wiggins, Florida A&M University, Tallahassee.

Thursday, April 12, 12:00 pm, 1400 MSB—COLLEGE OF MEDICINE GRAND ROUNDS, "Global health: a primary care persepctive," Dr. Julie Jacobson, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, Washington. Host: Dr. Daniel J. Van Durme.

Thursday, April 12, 4:00 pm, 1024 KIN—BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE COLLOQUIUM, "Comparative population genetics/genomics of the amphibian chytrid fungus and amphibian hosts," Dr. Kelly R. Zamudio, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Host: Dr. Emily C. Lemmon.

Thursday, April 12, 7:00 pm, FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory Auditorium, St. Teresa, Florida—COASTAL AND MARINE CONSERVATION LECTURE, "Dark side of the loon—migration and winter biology of the common loon," Dr. Paul Spitzer, conservation biologist, Maryland eastern shore. Refreshments will be provided. Please bring a nonperishable food item to donate to Second Harvest of the Big Bend.

Friday, April 13, 12:30 pm, 237 BIO—HONORS IN THE MAJOR THESIS DEFENSE, "Morphology and genome of Sinorhizobium meliloti phage phiM12," Tess E. Brewer, Department of Biological Science, FSU. Advisor: Dr. Kathryn M. Jones.


Friday, April 13, 3:15 pm, 1400 COM—RUSHTON LECTURE SERIES, "Points of convergence in the molecular genetics of schizophrenia and autism-spectrum disorders," Dr. Stephen J. Glatt, SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, New York. Rushton Lecture Series Introduction begins at 3:00 p.m.

Friday, April 13, 3:30 pm, 1003 CSL—CHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT SEMINAR, "The Hoffman Lecture in the Chemistry of the Natural Environment: Biomass conversion for renewable resources of energy and feedstocks," Dr. Joseph Bozell, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Host: Dr. William T. Cooper.

Friday, April 13, 4:00 pm, 1024 KIN—ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION SEMINAR, "Field biology and conservation genetics: organisms, landscapes, and global change ," Dr. Kelly R. Zamudio, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Host: Dr. Emily C. Lemmon.

Friday, April 13, 4:00 pm, 4077 KIN—HONORS IN THE MAJOR THESIS DEFENSE, "A rodent supertree," Rebecca Falter, Department of Biological Science, FSU. Advisor: Dr. Scott J. Steppan.

Friday, April 13, 4:10 pm, 1400 COM—RUSHTON LECTURE SERIES STUDENT PRESENTATIONS, "ERK2 signaling within the dentate gyrus mediates the antidepressant effects of testosterone," Nicole Carrier; "Effects of monoamine transport inhibitors on decision-making in the rat gambling task," Samuel Eckrich; "Basal ganglia influence on the imitation of vocal sounds," Kevin Elliott; "14-3-3 functional knockout mice exhibit schizophrenia-related behavioral phenotypes," Molly Foote.


Saturday, April 14, 9:15 am, D201 PDA—RUSHTON LECTURE SERIES, "Synaptic and circuitry mechanisms of compulsive/repetitive behaviors in OCD and autism," Dr. Guoping Feng, McGovern Institute, Massachusetts Instititute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Rushton Lecture Series Introduction begins at 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, April 14, 10:25 am, D201 PDA—RUSHTON LECTURE SERIES, "What can non-human primate neonatal lesion models teach us about human developmental psychopathology?," Dr. Jocelyne Bachevalier, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia.

Saturday, April 14, 11:15 am, D201 PDA—RUSHTON LECTURE SERIES, "Improving early detection of autism spectrum disorders with an eye toward early intervention," Dr. Amy M. Wetherby, School of Communication Science and Disorders, FSU.

Saturday, April 14, 1:30 pm, D201 PDA—RUSHTON LECTURE SERIES, "Genetic risk factors for major mental disorders in prefrontal cortex development and function," Dr. Atsushi Kamiya, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland.

Saturday, April 14, 2:25 pm, D201 PDA—RUSHTON LECTURE SERIES, "Psychological and neural mechanisms of reward processing and motivation in schizophrenia," Dr. Deanna M. Barch, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri.

Saturday, April 14, 3:35 pm, D201 PDA—RUSHTON LECTURE SERIES, "Dopamine system dysregulation by the hippocampus and the pathophysiology of schizophrenia," Dr. Anthony A. Grace, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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