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  • Debra A. Fadool  
    Olfactory signal transduction; ion channel structure-function; neuromodulation.
  • James M. Fadool  
    Developmental biology; cellular and genetic analysis of visual system development.
  • Thomas A. Houpt  
    Molecular neurobiology of learning and memory in food intake; conditioned taste aversion.
  • Kimberly A. Hughes  
    Evolutionary, ecological, and behavioral genomics.
  • Lisa C. Lyons  
    Signaling and circadian modulation regulating associative memory
  • Michael Meredith  
    Sensory physiology; chemical communication; computer modeling.
  • Paul Q. Trombley  
    Olfaction; synaptic physiology and plasticity; ion channel modulation.
  • Jian Feng  
    Epigenetic regulation of neuropsychiatric disorders.

The research interests of the Neuroscience faculty in the Department of Biological Science include biophysics & electrophysiology of excitable cells, neurotransmitter & neurohormone action, development & plasticity, circadian rhythms, feeding & regulatory processes, and the genetic & molecular bases of behavior. Students applying to the Department of Biology may choose to work with any Department of Biological Science faculty.  Many of the Department of Biological Science faculty listed above are also members of the separately funded, University-Wide Graduate Program in Neuroscience, an interdepartmental research and graduate training program at Florida State University. The Program in Neuroscience includes faculty from the departments of Biological Science, Psychology, and Nutrition, Food and Exercise Science, Mathematics and the College of Medicine. Its objective is to promote interdisciplinary basic research into neural processes with a long tradition of training in sensory systems. The program administers a distinct curriculum leading to the Neuroscience Ph.D. degree. Students interested in this interdisciplinary doctoral program should apply directly to the Graduate Program in Neuroscience and contact the appropriate Program Faculty.