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Department of Biological Science

at Florida State University

Research Showcase

2015 publications of the Department of Biological Science, with links to publications from other years

  • The Marvel of Movement: Of all the distinctions between animals and plants, the ability to move at will figures to be preeminent. (
  • Metals on the Mind: Copper and zinc surge through our every thought. (
  • Walter's Ant Castles: Walter Tschinkel likes long walks in the woods carrying a favorite shovel and buckets of fresh dental plaster. (
  • Field Guide: Dominant flora of the ground cover in pine forests of the Apalachicola National Forest (
  • Ecology and Evolution at Florida State: Our strength is a long tradition of research excellence, to which we've added a young and growing group of exciting faculty researchers. (
  • Dr. Gregory M. Erickson's Dinosaur Growth Page. (