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Installing and using x-win32

Please note that x-win32 must be purchased.  The department owns a multipack,  licenses cost $50.00.  Please contact Michelle Slaton to purchase a license.  Download links on this page will only work from IP addresses.

Initial Setup

Download x-win411.exe, and double click to install.

  • Click Finish, Next, Yes.
  • Insert license info from license_info.txt
  • Click Next, Click OK to 128.186 message.
  • Click Next, Choose "Custom", Click Next, Click Next, Click Finish.



Choose Start->Programs->X-Win32->X-Win32 from your Start menu.  X-Win32 will start minimized in your task bar and will handle incoming xwindows requests.  This is all the necessary setup for x-win32 for connecting to

If X programs still do not work, it may be necessary to manually set the DISPLAY variable on the remote host to the IP address of the local machine, followed by :0.0. How to do this varies by shell.

For bash (most common):

export DISPLAY=

For csh:

setenv DISPLAY

For sh:

export DISPLAY

The address is only an example. To discover your public-facing IP address, visit

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