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Biological science professor wins FSU's 2018 Distinguished Teacher Award
  • Professor of Biological Science Gregory Erickson received Florida State University's 2018 Distinguished Teacher Award during the annual Faculty Awards Dinner May 2.
  • The Distinguished Teacher Award is the university's most prestigious honor for teaching and includes a $7,500 stipend.
  • Erickson, a paleontologist, joined the FSU faculty in 2000 as an assistant professor and was promoted to full professor in 2011. He has taught introductory biology classes for non-science majors, herpetology and anatomy.

Erickson has received a number of other teaching awards in his tenure at FSU. He received the University Teaching Award in 2017, the University Excellence in Teaching Award in 2012 and the Elias Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in 2006.

Tyrannosaurus Rex's Bite Force Measured 8,000 Pounds
  • The giant Tyrannosaurus rex pulverized bones by biting down with forces equaling the weight of three small cars.
  • The new study is one of several by the authors and their colleagues that now show how sophisticated feeding abilities, most like those of modern mammals and their immediate ancestors, actually first appeared in reptiles during the age of the dinosaurs.
  • Read the story on FSU News here.

FSU research team makes Zika drug breakthrough
  • A team of researchers from Florida State University, Johns Hopkins University and the NIH has found existing drug compounds that can both stop Zika from replicating in the body and from damaging fetal brain cells.
  • Their work is outlined in an article published Monday by Nature Medicine.
  • The USA Today news article is linked here.

Researchers find exceptional species diversity on island in Philippines
  • Florida State University Professor of Biological Sciences Scott Steppan is part of a team that has published a new paper in the scientific journal Frontiers of Biogeography.
  • The largest island in the Philippines may be home to the greatest concentration of mammal diversity in the world, according to a research team that has been exploring the island for the past 15 years.
  • See the article on the FSU news site here.

Florida Rep. Gwen Graham recognizes FSU Zika research
  • Senator Graham recognizes FSU Zika research; Calls on congress to fund prevention efforts
  • See the announcement on youtube here.

FSU researchers make important Zika virus breakthrough
  • FSU research suggests virus linked to microcephaly.
  • New FSU research led by Professor of Biological Science Hengli Tang finds the Zika virus is directly targeting brain development cells and stunting their growth.
  • The news story on the FSU News Website is linked here.

Researchers identify rare dinosaur from Appalachia
  • An international team of researchers has identified and named a new species of dinosaur that is the most complete, primitive duck-billed dinosaur to ever be discovered in the eastern United States.
  • This new discovery also shows that duck-billed dinosaurs originated in the eastern United States, what was then broadly referred to as Appalachia, before dispersing to other parts of the world.
  • The news story on the FSU News Website is linked here.

Researchers attack citrus greening with $4 million USDA grant
  • International researchers, including ones at Florida State University and the University of Florida, are teaming up through a $4 million grant from the United States Department of Agriculture to attack the problem of citrus greening.
  • Kathryn Jones, an FSU associate professor of biological science, is part of the research team.
  • The news story on the FSU News Website is linked here.

Yerger Lecture
  • Chairman Levitan, Mrs. Yerger and Lecturer Dr. Michael Childress of Clemson University

From hummingbird to owl: New research decodes bird family tree
  • Emily Moriarty Lemmon and Alan Lemmon, in coordination with Yale University, publish study in the journal Nature that resolves the bird family tree.
  • The news story on the FSU News Website is linked here.
  • The paper in the journal Nature is linked here.

Honors Thesis Mentor Award 2015
  • Dr. Brian Chadwick has been selected to receive a 2015 Honors Thesis Mentor Award
  • Award is given for efforts directing and advising undergraduate research

2014-2015 Teaching Awards for Biology
  • Trish Terebelski - FSU Distinguished Teacher Award
  • Tom Miller - Graduate Teaching Award
  • Emily DuVal and Jonathan Dennis - Undergraduate Teaching Award

Distinguished Research Professor Award
  • Dave Gilbert has been selected as one of only two Distinguished Research Professor Awards this year

Pfeiffer Professorships Awarded
  • Three year term professorships awarded to Dave Gilbert and Fanxiu Zhu

Sarah Tepper Wins Marion Jewell Hay Award 2014
  • Recognizes top student graduating this Fall
  • Nominated by Dr. Fanxiu Zhu
  • Sarah is the President of Tri-Beta

2014 Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence - Award Recipients
  • Richard Wu - Mentor: Dr. Hengli Tang
  • Molly Gordon - Mentor: Dr. Gilbert; Madison Kucinick - Mentor: Dr. Emily Lemmon
  • Sarah Tepper - Mentor: Dr. Fanxiu Zhu; Jose Moscoso - Mentor: Dr. Don R. Levitan
  • Kaitlin Griffith and Prathyusha Parmidi - Mentor: Dr. Nora Underwood

FSU Team Wins 1st Place at Evolution Conference
  • Biological Science grad students Zach Boudeau and Will Ryan team with Art undergrads to create animation "Drift"
  • The team produced the work under the direction of Associate Fine Arts Professor Keith Roberson
  • FSU Art undergraduates were Julia Kunberger (the top scoring student in BSC 2010L and 2011L last year)
  • Other Fine Arts students were Lauren Anderson, Monique Boileau, and Sarah Jezierny

2013-2014 University Undergraduate Teaching Award
  • Trisha (Spears) Terebelski has been selected in recognition of her teaching excellence.

Ellen Granger Named AAAS Fellow
  • OSTA Director
  • Science-Education Advocate

2013 Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence - Award Recipients
  • Kristin Engebretsen - Dr. Emily Lemmon's lab
  • Carlie Hoffman - Dr. Frances James
  • Olivia Gruder - Dr. Jonathan Dennis' lab
  • Kelly Vasbinder - Dr. Janie Wulff's lab

Garnet and Gold Society Inductees Spring 2013
  • Saira Bari
  • Zoe Galitz
  • Alicia Vollmer

Researchers discover novel cellular mechanisms
  • A major discovery involving a cellular competition and space compensation mechanism within tissues.
  • More about this in the FSU News
  • See summary at Science Direct

Gabor Superior Accomplishment Award
  • Geoff Brown/Biological Science Wins Gabor Award for 2013
  • Lab Coordinator 2000 Level courses

Exemplary Service Awards
  • 2013 Winner - Virginia Carter Grants Compliance Analyst
  • 2013 Winner - Tom Fellers Imaging Resource

Graduate Faculty Mentor Award
  • Debra Fadool
  • Dr. Fadool's faculty home page.

Honors Thesis Mentor Award - 2013

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards
  • Brittany Kraft
  • Carly Ryan

Two biologists named as AAAS fellows
  • Greg Erickson - one of the world's foremost authorities on verebrate paleontology
  • David Houle - works in the new field of pheonomics

Dr. Hengli Tang wins FSU Developing Scholar Award
  • $10,000 will be contributed to the Tang lab.
  • Dr. Tang's faculty home page.
  • Read about the Developing Scholar Award: DSA

Biology majors win InNOLEvation Challenge's
  • See the Florida State News article
  • Winning team: High-Throughput Revolutions - Aubrey Kusi-Appiah (left), Nicholas Vafai (middle), and Sohail Merchant (right)

Dr. Scott Steppan, Guardian of the Flame
  • Burning Spear has chosen Biology's Dr. Steppan to receive the 2012 Guardian of the Flame award for the College of Arts and Sciences

Emily Lee is FSU's latest "Student Star" from Biology
  • See her student profile
  • Direct link to the one minute video

Recent awards in Biology
  • Associate Professor Wu-Min Deng received the Developing Scholar Award
  • Graduate student Casey ter Horst received a Graduate Research and Creativity Award
  • Graduate student Tania Kim received an Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Three awarded at TriBeta National Convention
  • The Second Place Johnson Award in Cell and Developmental Biology was awarded to Michael Henderson
  • The Third Place Johnson Award in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Division I was awarded to Katherine Beckham
  • The Third Place Johnson Award in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Division II was awarded to Kevin Meyer

*Johnson Awards are for posters

Biological Science faculty members Dr. Debbi Fadool and Dr. Greg Erickson win Developing Scholar Award
  • Dr. Debbi Fadool's faculty home page
  • Dr. Greg Erickson's faculty home page
  • Read about the Developing Scholar Award at the FSU Office of Research DSA home page