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Installing TN3270 (NWRDC access application) -->

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Installing TN3270 (NWRDC access application)


Download from

Download from

Unzip into "C:\Program Files" if you have 32 bit Windows, unzip into "C:\Program Files (x86)" if you have 64 bit Windows.

Unzip into "C:\Windows\System32" if you have WindowsXP, unzip into "C:\Windows" if you have Windows Vista or Windows7.

Right click your desktop and do a "New->Shortcut". For the location type or paste in
"C:\Program Files\TCP3270\PROGRAMS\TN3270.EXE" if you have 32 bit Windows, type in
"C:\Program Files (x86)\TCP3270\PROGRAMS\TN3270.EXE" if you have 64 bit Windows. Click "Next", click "Finish". If you like you can delete the ".exe" from the shortcut name, leaving it just "TN3270".

Double click your new "TN3270" shortcut. In the "IP Host/Gateway" box enter "" and click the "Connect" button. The NWRDC logon screen should appear. Position and resize the TN3270 application to your liking. Choose "Options->Save Options..." from the TN3270 menu, put a check in the "Save Current Font and Window Position" checkbox and click the "Save" button to save NWRDC as your default connection.

Note you need to be on FSU campus or connected via the FSU VPN to use TN3270 to connect to NWRDC.

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