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Connecting to HPC via Oroboro on Mac OSX -->

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Connecting to HPC via Oroboro on Mac OSX

This is for Mac OSX version 10.1 only.

For help on later versions of Mac OSX please contact SCS/CSIT support personnel.

Initial Setup

Note, previous versions of the Stuffit expander may cause problems when unstuffing XFree86.

  1. Delete all existing versions of Stuffit Expander on your Mac.  Easiest way to do this is to do a search for "Stuffit" and drag all the stuffit expander stuff to the trash.

  2. Download Stuffit Expander 7 and install by double clicking.

  3. Download XFree86_4.2 and install by double clicking.

  4. Download XFree86_4.2.0.1-10.1 (OSX v10.1) or XFree86_4.2.0.1-10.2 (OSX v10.2) and install by double clicking.

  5. Download XFree86_4.2.1.1 and install by double clicking.

  6. Download OroborOSX and expand by double clicking.  Drag the resulting folder to your Applications folder.  Open the Applications->OroborOSX folder and drag the OroborOSX icon to your dock bar.  This will install an Oroboro icon on your dock.


Connecting to HPC (

  1. Start Oroboro by clicking the OroborOSX icon on your dock.

  2. Type "ssh -X <userid>".  HPC should prompt your for your password.

  3. Type "seqlab &" to start seqlab.

  4. To exit close seqlab, type exit to close the connection to HPC and choose OroborOSX->Quit from the program menu.


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