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FSU Biology - Filtering out mail tagged {SPAM?} in Eudora.
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Filtering out mail tagged {SPAM?} in Eudora.

The Biology mail server runs SpamAssassin which is a rule based mail filter that identifies spam (unsolicited commercial email). All mail identified as spam by SpamAssassin is tagged with "{SPAM?}" at the beginning of their subject line. You might want to have such mail filtered to a separate mailbox  to be deleted and/or perused later. Here is how to do it. 

Creating a mailbox for your spam

  1. On the Eudora menu,  click "Mailbox" and then click "New" on the dropdown.
  2. In the "New Mailbox" window enter "Spam" for the name of the mailbox. Leave "Make it a folder" option unchecked.
  3. Click "Ok". You should now have a mailbox named "Spam".

Creating the filter

  1. On the Eudora menu click 'Tools" and then click "Filters" on the dropdown. 
  2. In the "Filters" window, click "New" (button at bottom left). A filter named "Untitled" should be displayed on the left.
  3. Under "Match"
    1. Check the "Incoming" option. 
    2. Leave "Outgoing" and "Manual" options unchecked.
    3. For  "Header", select "Subject:". 
    4. Select "contains" in the next dropdown. 
    5. Type in "{Spam?}" in the corresponding text box.
  4. Under "Action"
    1. Select "Transfer To" for the first action.  
    2. In the button that pops to the right, click and select "Spam" as the transfer mailbox.
  5. Close the "Filters" window (Click "File" on the menu, then click "Close" on the dropdown).
  6. Click "Yes" in the "Save changes to Filters?" pop-up.

Eudora should now automatically move mail tagged with "{SPAM?}" into your Spam mailbox every time you check mail. Trash them at your free will.

For more information on SpamAssassin goto http://spamassassin.org/.


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