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FSU Biology, Computer Support Facilities - Using Eudora 6.x
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Computer Support Facilities - Using Eudora 6.x -->

Setting up Eudora v6.2.x and v7.x for Windows for a bio.fsu.edu email account

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Eudora can be downloaded from http://www.bio.fsu.edu/complabs/files but only from a .fsu.edu ip address.  Please send an email to astuy@bio.fsu.edu if you need a copy and can't download it.  If you are upgrading a previous Eudora installation do not uninstall eudora first, just run the installer and let it upgrade your current version of eudora.  Then configure as indicated below. Make sure you have Eudora version 6.2 or better, else these directions may not work.

Note on smtp-auth: If you are using a bio.fsu.edu email account then via smtp-auth you can relay mail from off campus locations. Please pay close attention to the "Allow Authentication", and "Secure Sockets when Receiving" details. The first time you send or receive email you may get a dialogue about a certficate, answer "Yes" to use the certificate.

Changes from default settings. If you donít see it here, donít change it!  If you do see it here, do change it!

Go to "Tools" > "Options" on your Eudora main menu. And select "Getting Started" from the pop up window.

Getting Started
Real name: <personís real name>
Return address: <the personís email address>
Mail Server (Incoming): bio.fsu.edu
Login Name: <userid on mail machine>
SMTP Server (Outgoing): bio.fsu.edu
Allow Authentication: Checked

  • If you are setting up Eudora on a home computer which connects to the internet via Comcast and you are NOT using a bio.fsu.edu email account then you should use "smtp.comcast.net" as your outgoing (smtp) mail server.  Sprint users should use "smtp.earthlink.net".
  • If you dialing using FSU modem bank (644-2700) you will be able to use "bio.fsu.edu" as your smtp server.

  • Checking Mail
    Check for mail every [<no less than 20 minutes>] minute(s)
    []Save password
    Secure Sockets when Receiving [Required, Alternate Port]

    Incoming Mail
    If person checks mail from more than one place then
    []Leave mail on server
    []Delete from server after [<no more than 7>] days

    Sending Mail
    Secure Sockets when Sending [Required, Alternate Port]
    *Only if using bio.fsu.edu for smtp

    Composing Mail
    [  ]Show signature while composing

    Attach directory: Your attachment directory (Suggestion: D:\Attachments)

    [  ]Automatically download HTML graphics (only uncheck this if you are really worried about security. Checking it opens a slight security hole)

    Viewing Mail
    [  ]Use Microsoftís viewer(only uncheck this if you are really worried about security.
              Checking it opens a slight security hole)
    [  ]Show message preview pane
    [  ]Automatically open next message

    [  ]Label
    [  ]Size
    [  ]Server status
    [  ]Mood Watch
    []Show mailbox lines

    Background Tasks
    Wait for [1] seconds of user inactivity . . .

    Advanced Network
    Network buffer size of [8192] bytes

    [  ]Enable MoodWatch

    []Say OK to alerts after [1] second(s)

    Note on SSL/TLS:

    After installing or upgrading to Eudora 6.2 or better upon your first mail check to bio.fsu.edu you will probably get a "Server SSL Certificate Rejected" dialog box. Answer "Yes" to use the certificate. If you are using Eudora 6.1 or less (not recommended) you can trust the certificate with:

    • Go to the checking Mail option icon. Click on the Last SSL Info button, the Eudora SSL Connection Information Manager window opens.
    • Click the Certificate Information Manager button, the Certificate Information Manager window opens. The US, Florida, Tallahassee, FSU Biological Science, Email Division . . . certificate should all ready be highlighted, if not click it once.
    • Click the Add To Trusted button. Click Done, OK, OK.

    If you find that the trust of certificate does not stay and you have to continually retrust the certificate, try changing:

    Checking Mail
    Secure Sockets when Receiving [Required, Alternate Port]

    Setting up Directory Services
    • Go to Tools - Directory Services
    • Select Ph from the list of registered drivers. And then click the New Database button.
    • Enter ph.fsu.edu in both the Server name and Hostname fields. Click OK to accept the changes.
    • Finally, put a check in the box next to ph.fsu.edu in the list of databases.

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