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Dr. Darin R. Rokyta

Office: 4058 King Life Sciences
Office: (850) 645-8812
Lab: (850) 645-8817
Fax: (850) 645-8447
Mail code: 4295
E-mail: drokyta@bio.fsu.edu

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Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Idaho, 2006
Graduate Faculty Status

POSITIONS AVAILABLE for postdoctoral investigators, graduate students, and undergraduate students (starting in 2008).

Dr. Darin Rokyta is currently recruiting new graduate students for Spring 2015.

Research and Professional Interests:

My research investigates the molecular and statistical properties of adaptive evolution. The overarching goal of my work is to develop a robust, quantitative model of adaptive evolution at the molecular level and the statistical methology to test the model predictions and assumptions, but the available empirical data are insufficient for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of current models and guiding future efforts. My research therefore also involves generating empirical data sets using experimental evolution approaches.

Selected Publications:

McGee, L. W., E. W. Aitchison, S. B. Caudle, A. J. Morrison, L. Zheng, W. Yang, and D. R. Rokyta. In press. Payoffs, not tradeoffs, in the adaptation of a virus to ostensibly conflicting selective pressures. PLoS Genetics.

Caudle, S. B., C. R. Miller, and D. R. Rokyta. 2014. Environment determines epistatic patterns for a ssDNA virus. Genetics 196:267-279.

Margres, M. J., J. J. McGivern, K. P. Wray, M. Seavy, K. Calvin, and D. R. Rokyta. 2014. Linking the transcriptome and proteome to characterize the venom of the eastern diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus). Journal of Proteomics 96C:145-158.

Sackman, A. M. and D. R. Rokyta. 2013. The adaptive potential of hybridization demonstrated with bacteriophages. Journal of Molecular Evolution 77:221-230.

Margres, M. J., K. Aronow, J. Loyacano, and D. R. Rokyta. 2013. The venom-gland transcritome of the eastern coral snake (Micrurus fulvius) reveals high venom complexity in the intragenomic evolution of venoms. BMC Genomics 14:531.

Rokyta, D. R., K. P. Wray, and M. J. Margres. 2013. The genesis of an exceptionally lethal venom in the timber rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) revealed through comparative venom-gland transcriptomics. BMC Genomics 14:394.

Pearson, V. M., C. R. Miller, and D. R. Rokyta. 2012. The consistency of beneficial fitness effects of mutations across diverse genetic backgrounds. PLoS One 7:e43864.

Rokyta, D. R., A. R. Lemmon, M. J. Margres, and K. Aronow. 2012. The venom-gland transcriptome of the eastern diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus). BMC Genomics 13:312.

Rokyta, D. R., P. Joyce, S. B. Caudle, C. Miller, C. J. Beisel, and H. A. Wichman. 2011. Epistasis between benecial mutations and the phenotype-to-fitness map for a ssDNA virus. PLoS Genetics 7:e1002075.

Rokyta, D. R., K. P. Wray, A. R. Lemmon, E. C. Moriarty Lemmon, and S. B. Caudle. 2011. A high-throughput venom-gland transcriptome for the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus) and evidence for pervasive positive selection across toxin classes. Toxicon 57:657-671.

Rokyta, D. R., and H. A. Wichman. 2009. Genic incompatibilities in two hybrid bacteriophages. Molecular Biology and Evolution 26:2831-2839.

Rokyta, D. R., Z. Abdo, and H. A. Wichman. 2009. The genetics of adaptation for eight microvirid bacteriophages. Journal of Molecular Evolution 69:229-239.

Joyce, P., D. R. Rokyta, C. J. Beisel, and H. A. Orr. 2008. A general extreme value theory model for the adaptation of DNA sequences under strong selection and weak mutation. Genetics 180:1627-1643.

Rokyta, D. R., C. J. Beisel, P. Joyce, M. T. Ferris, C. L. Burch, and H. A. Wichman. 2008. Beneficial fitness effects are not exponential for two viruses. Journal of Molecular Evolution 67:368-376.

Beisel, C. J., D. R. Rokyta, H. A. Wichman, and P. Joyce. 2007. Testing the extreme value domain of attraction for distributions of beneficial fitness effects. Genetics 176:2441-2449.

Rokyta, D. R., C. J. Beisel, and P. Joyce. 2006. Properties of adaptive walks on uncorrelated landscapes under strong selection and weak mutation. Journal of Theoretical Biology 243:114120.

Rokyta, D. R., C. L. Burch, S. B. Caudle, and H. A. Wichman. 2006. Horizontal gene transfer and the evolution of microvirid coliphage genomes. Journal of Bacteriology 188:11341142 (featured on the cover).

Rokyta, D. R., P. Joyce, S. B. Caudle, and H. A. Wichman. 2005. An empirical test of the mutational landscape model of adaptation using a single-stranded DNA virus. Nature Genetics 37: 441444 (featured in News and Views).

Bull, J. J., M. R. Badgett, D. Rokyta, and I. J. Molineux. 2003. Experimental evolution yields hundreds of mutations in a functional viral genome. Journal of Molecular Evolution 57:241248.

Rokyta, D., M. R. Badgett, I. J. Molineux, and J. J. Bull. 2002. Experimental genomic evolution: extensive compensation for loss of DNA ligase activity in a virus. Molecular Biology and Evolution 19:230238.

Postdoctoral Associates:

McGee-Willett, Lindsey
Wray, Ken

Graduate Students:

Aronow, Karalyn
Aronow, Karalyn
Margres, Mark
McGivern, James
Pearson, Victoria
Sackman, Andrew

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