FSU Biology - Masters Forms
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Biological Science - Graduate Studies

Florida State University

Thesis MS: Forms and Memos

Thesis MS: Progress towards the Degree

Forms Files
Declare your Major Professor   word    pdf  
Establish Your Committee   word    pdf  
Program of Studies   word    pdf  
Teaching Requirement   word    pdf  
Seminar Requirement   word    pdf  
MS Prospectus Title Page   word    pdf  
MS Prospectus Defense*   word    pdf  

Copy of the Prospectus must accompany the defense approval memo.

Annual Progress Report and Review

To get the annual review form going, you need to fill out the Progress Report. Your major professor will be automatically notified to fill out the annual review form, which will then automatically notify the committee members to sign on line.

Teaching Assistant Forms

The TA Evaluation forms are now online, but will only be active after the end of the semester under evaluation.

Defense and Graduation

See Defense and Graduation for procedure and forms