FSU Biology - Review of Apps and Interviews
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Biological Science - Graduate Studies

Florida State University

Reviewal of Applications and Interviews

Review of applications:

CMB applications are initially reviewed by a committee made up of 3-5 CMB area faculty members and presented to the entire CMB faculty for discussion, ranking, interviews and admission decisions. We employ a holistic review process where each eligible application is reviewed thoroughly and all aspects of the application are considered to establish a score. Broadly, the application review process is conducted as follows:

  • All complete applications are first reviewed and scored individually by all admission committee members.
  • The admission committee meets and discusses all applications to establish final scores and rankings. This process provides an opportunity to re-review and discuss applications that may have been scored differently by individual committee members. Input from faculty members who may be interested in a particular applicant are also considered.
  • The admission committee shares the finalized rankings and scores with the rest of the CMB faculty for feedback. All CMB faculty members have access to the applications if they wish to review them individually.
  • The final step of the review process is a discussion of the final ranked list by all CMB faculty lead by the chair of the admission committee to produce the list of candidates selected to be invited for interviews.
  • Final applicant rankings and admission decisions are made after the interviews have been completed and feedback from faculty and graduate students who have interacted with the candidates have been obtained.


Candidate Interviews are conducted in January or February. Final admission decisions are made in March. Applicants who are offered admission have until April 15th to accept the offer.