Thesis MS: Forms and Memos

Thesis MS: Progress towards the Degree

Form Files
Declare your Major Professor word pdf
Establish Your Committee word pdf
Program of Studies word pdf
Teaching Requirement word pdf
Seminar Requirement word pdf
MS Prospectus Title Page word pdf
MS Prospectus Defense* word pdf

Copy of the Prospectus must accompany the defense approval memo.

Review Forms

Annual Review Form

The Annual Review form is now online on your database page. Please contact the Graduate Office if you need a pdf version.

Teaching Assistant Forms

The TA Evaluation forms are now online, but will only be active after the end of the semester under evaluation.

Graduation Deadlines

IMPORTANT: if you plan on defending in the next semester, talk with Jessica Webber, MSW in the Grad Office ASAP

There are additional departmental procedures, forms, and deadlines that need to be coordinated with the Grad Office to graduate on time!

Verify all deadlines and procedures on Blackboard -> GradSpace -> Manuscript Clearance website

Semester Deadline Summer 2019 Fall 2019 Spring 2020
Last day to submit doctoral dissertation
or treatise for initial format review
Last day to submit master’s thesis
for initial format review
Last day for submission of final defended thesis,
dissertation or treatise and required forms[1]
Last day for thesis, dissertation and treatise students
to receive an email from Manuscript Clearance
confirming final clearance
  1. All manuscript clearance forms, with all required signatures, must be received in the Graduate School Office by 5:00 pm of the forms deadline date.

60-Day Deadline: All manuscripts must be cleared within 60 days after a successful defense. A manuscript is considered cleared when the Clearance Advisor has approved the formatting and received and verified all forms. If a student defends early in the semester of graduation, or in a semester prior to graduation, the manuscript clearance deadline that applies is the 60-day deadline. For example, a student that defends on August 20 would have to have their manuscript cleared by October 20, even though the Fall semester clearance deadline is later in the semester. No exceptions will be made for this policy.

Thesis MS Defense Paperwork

See above for deadlines.

Updated May 2015 from Graduate School's Thesis Forms Checklist

Before Defense

Defense Approval Forms -- WITHIN 60 DAYS AFTER DEFENSE

Exit Surveys