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Department of Biological Science

at Florida State University

Online Course Materials

The following courses were taught in past semesters.

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BOT 3015-01 Fall 2009

Plant Biology (Outlaw)

BOT 3015L-01, 02, 03 Fall 2009

Plant Biology Lab (Bill Outlaw)

BOT 3143C-01 Fall 2009

Field Botany (Austin Mast)

BSC 1005-01 Summer 2009

Gen Bio Non-Majors (Ann Lumsden)

BSC 1005L-01-06 Summer 2016

Gen Bio Lab (Ann Lumsden)

BSC 2010-02 Fall 2009

Biological Science I (Hengli Tang)

BSC 2010-03 Fall 2009

Biological Science I (Paul Trombley)

BSC 2010L-01-30 Fall 2009

Biological Science I Lab (Kevin Dixon & Jean Putnam-Hancock)

BSC 2011-01 Summer 2009

Biological Science II (George Bates)

BSC 2011L-01-12 Fall 2009

Animal Diversity Lab (Gavin Naylor and Jean Putnam-Hancock)

BSC 2085-01 Fall 2009

Anatomy & Physiology I (Su)

BSC 2085L-01-13 Fall 2009

Anatomy & Physiology Lab I (Su)

BSC 2086-01 Spring 2009

Anatomy & Physiology II (Yung Su)

BSC 2086L-01-12 Spring 2009

Anatomy & Physiology II Lab (Yung Su)

BSC 3052-01 Spring 2009

Conservation Biology (Beerli)

BSC 3312-01 Spring 2009

Marine Biology (Wulff)

BSC 3402L-01, 02 Fall 2009

Field Marine Ecology (Levitan)

BSC 3402L-03, 04 Fall 2009

Algal Genetics (Laura Keller)

BSC 4933-02 Fall 2009

Biogeography (Scott Steppan)

BSC 5936-01 Spring 2009

ST: Scientific Communication (Thistle)

BSC 5952-01 Fall 2016

Sensory Biology: Chemical Senses and Vision (Debi Fadool)

ISC 2937-02 Spring 2009

NAT SCI Honors Sem (Laura Keller)

MCB 2004-01 Spring 2009

Micro for Health Sciences (Fanxiu Zhu)

MCB 2004L-01 spring 2009

Micro for health sciences (Fanxiu Zhu)

MCB 4403-01 Fall 2009

Prokaryotic Biology (Kathryn Jones)

MCB 4403L-01-04 Fall 2008

Prokaryotic Bio Lab (F. Zhu)

PCB 3043-01 Spring 2009

General Ecology (Inouye)

PCB 3063-01, 02, 03 Fall 2009

General Genetics (K. McGinnis, K. Hughes, and J. Fadool)

PCB 3063-02 Spring 2009

General Genetics (Deng)

PCB 3134-01 Fall 2009

Cell Structure & Function (Hong-Guo Yu)

PCB 3743-01 Spring 2009

Vertebrate Physiology (Trombley)

PCB 3743-01 Fall 2009

Vertebrate Physiology (Debi Fadool)

PCB 4024-01 Fall 2009

Molecular Biology (George Bates)

PCB 4233-01 Spring 2009

Immunology (Roux)

PCB 4253-01 Fall 2009

Animal Development (Dave Gilbert)

PCB 4253L-01-02 Spring 2009

Exp Dev Biol Lab (L. Keller)

PCB 4674-01 Fall 2009

Evolution (Darin Rokyta)

PCB 4701-01 Fall 2016

Human Physiology (Debi Fadool)

PCB 4843-01 Fall 2009

Fundamentals of Neuroscience (Lisa Lyons)

PCB 5137-01 Spring 2009

Advanced Cell Biology (T. Keller)

PCB 5525-01 Fall 2008

Molecular Biology (Bates)

PCB 5595-01 Fall 2008

Adv Molec Biology (Epstein, Bass, Bates)

ZOO 3713C-01-04 Spring 2009

Comp Vert Anatomy Lecture Lab (Erickson)

ZOO 4343C-01, 02 Fall 2009

Bio Lowr Vertebrates (Emily Lemmon)

ZOO 4513-01 Fall 2008

Animal Behavior (DuVal)

ZOO 4753C-01 Fall 2016

Histology (Ken Taylor)

ZOO 4823-01 Fall 2008

Insect Biology (Tschinkel)

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