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Before 1950

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Members of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA
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FSU Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professors
FSU Distinguished Research Professors
FSU Eppes Professors
FSU Named Professorship Recipients
FSU Burning Spear Guardian of the Flame Award
FSU Distinguished Teaching Award Recipients
FSU University Teaching Award Recipients
FSU Office of Graduate Studies Graduate Mentoring Award
FSU Undergraduate Advising Award
FSU Developing Scholar Award Recipients
FSU President's Continuing Education Award
FSU Professorial Excellence Program Award Recipients
FSU Teaching Incentive Program Award Recipients
Ross Oglesby Award
Loretta C. Ellias Teaching Award
Ralph W. Yerger Lectureship

Staff Awards
Sheila B. Lutz Memorial Scholarship
FSU Employee of the Year Award Recipients
Gabor Superior Accomplishment Award Recipients
FSU Exemplary Employee Award Recipients
FSU Arts and Sciences Advising Award Recipients
FSU Arts and Sciences Exemplary Employee Award Recipients

Graduate Scholarships
Graduate Student Publication Award
Robert K. Godfrey Scholarship
Margaret Menzel Memorial Scholarship
Robert B. Short Scholarship in Zoology
Brenda Bennison Memorial Scholarship
Jack Winn Gramling Research Award in Marine Biology
Horace Loftin Endowment Award

Undergraduate Scholarships
Alumni Scholarship
John Mark Caffrey Scholarship
Faculty Award for Undergraduate Scholarship
Francenia E. Fisher Scholarship
Charles M. McAllister Undergraduate Research Award
Vaugh-Jordan Scholarship

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