Checklist for Incoming Students

This is a checklist for incoming Biology Graduate students. This list does not cover all of the things you will need to do when moving to Tallahassee and starting school at FSU, but it does list the critical paperwork that needs to be taken care of before classes begin, and it lists the important events that are required attendance for all incoming Biology graduate students.

Note: You must attend the Biology Teaching Workshop (8/20 - 8/22), but you should NOT attend the University PIE TA Orientation -- we will cover all TA requirements in our Biology Teaching Workshop in the King Building.

Be sure to also look over the FSU Graduate School checklists.

International students should also follow the directions at the Center for Global Engagement for pre-arrival instructions pdf brochure here and required orientations.

Before arriving in Tallahassee

Item Due Date Where
FASFA for Dean’s Scholarship eligibility 8/6 online at FAFSA site ?
International Student Online Orientation 8/6 online at Globe Orientation
Obtain FSU ID & FSU Email 8/6 online at Activate Your FSUID ?
Immunizations 8/19 online at Immunization Compliance ?
Health Compliance 8/19 online at Insurance Compliance ?
New Employee Onboarding 8/19 Email Debbie Jensen to start process (email legal name, mailing address, phone number) ?
Background Check Info 8/19 Emails from Debbie Jensen and; see fingerprinting below ?

When in Tallahassee

Item Due Date Where
International Arrival in Tallahassee < 8/18 Tallahassee ?
Arrival in Tallahassee < 8/19 Tallahassee ?
International Student Check-In & Orientation 8/10 or 8/17 see Center for Global Engagement for info ?
International Student SPEAK test TBA see Center for Intensive English Studies for info ?
Obtain FL Residency 8/19 info online at Residency Page ?
Initial Residency Classification 8/19 online at New Student Residency form ?
File Declaration of Domicle 8/19 Tallahassee (Court House) ?
Driver’s License 8/19 Tallahassee (Motor Vehicles) see Residency Page for locations
Vehicle Registration (if applicable) 8/19 Tallahassee (Motor Vehicles) see Residency Page for locations
Voter Registration (if applicable) 8/19 Tallahassee (Motor Vehicles) see Residency Page for locations
Social Security Card 8/19 Tallahassee (Social Security Office) ?
FSU Student ID Card 8/19 FSU Card Center in FSU Bookstore ?
Fingerprinting for Background Check 8/19 Human Resources A6200 University Center ?

Orientation Week (August 19 - 23)

Item Due Date Where
Check in at Grad Office 8/19 King 1063
CMB Orientation with FYAC 8/19 King Building
Office Space 8/19 Initial Advisor/Major Prof ?
Paperwork & Registration Session 8/19 King Computer Lab in afternoon ?
Class Registration ??? online at; see above ?
Bio Paperwork 8/23 King 2065L ?
Keys/Card Access 8/23 online at Key Request Form and King 2065L ?
Departmental Mailbox 8/23 King 2065L / Unit I ? Email 8/23 King 2054 ?
Bio Teaching Workshop 8/20 King 1024, Tues - Thur ?
University New Graduate Student Orientation 8/20 see Grad School site; but come to Bio Orientation instead!
Congress of Graduate Students Social ???
CMB Faculty Interviews/Rotation Form 8/23 Forms emailed by FYAC ?
TA Organizational Meetings for 2010L/2011L 8/23 King t.b.a.
Welcome Poster Session 8/23 King Lobby from 3-5pm ?
Online Research Ethics Course 8/23 online at the CITI program course ?

First Week of Classes ()

Item Due Date Where
Tuition Waiver 8/30 online at ?
First Day of Classes 8/26
Parking Permit (if applicable) 8/30 online at FSU Parking Permits ?
Fee Payment 9/6 online at FSU Student Business ?
Animal or Human Subjects Protocol 9/6 Initial Advisor/Major Prof ?

Fall FSU Academic Calendar